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Political scientists about the current situation: The For the People Party has remained decimated, technically we can already talk about a five-party coalition –


Mária Kolíková, together with her group, officially announced today that her faction is leaving, along with other members of Richard Sulík’s For People group, to establish the For a Just Slovakia platform. However, they do not form a new party, but will work closely with the Liberals. “At the parliamentary level, our cooperation will be reflected in the entry into the SaS parliamentary group,” confirmed today after many conjectures Kolíková alongside Sulík.

VIDEO The Pins are leaving for SaS:

EXTRAORDINARY The pinwheels are definitely leaving For the people! They founded a platform and join the SaS club

Only time will tell, some may calmly anchor in another party, warns the political scientist

We asked political scientist Michal Cirner when asked if something would change fundamentally now. “What will change will only become clear when the forces are still regrouping, as more deputies may eventually be anchored in a political party other than the SaS. this political party, “ recalls an expert after today’s events.

Source: Topky – Ján Zemiar

Another question on the table is whether the rest of the coalition will be at will for Kolíková to remain Minister of Justice even after this transfer. Sulík insists on this as a fundamental thing. “I think that they have secretly agreed in the governing coalition that they will maintain this fragile symbiosis, respectively the status quo, ie Kolíková will remain in her post and Remišová will remain in her post. How it will depend on political developments in Slovakia and domestic coalition political groups. Everything can change, “ Cirner thinks.

We can already talk about the five-party coalition

According to him, in addition, from a purely technical point of view, we can already talk about a coalition of five entities. “Unless a coalition agreement is opened, it will be formally a four-party coalition, but practically a five-party coalition – Mária Kolíková’s platform for a fair Slovakia has been added and remains decimated for Veronika Remišová’s people. “ Cirner concluded.

The coalition agreement is contrary to reality, says another political scientist

Another political scientist, Radoslav Štefančík, claims that change is one of the possibilities, but the coalition agreement does not correspond to the current situation. “Everything and nothing can change. In any case, the coalition agreement, which states that the For the People Party has two ministers, is contrary to reality. It will be important now how the coalition partners will react to the new situation. Will they keep Veronika Remišová in the ministerial seat, or they will throw out the torso of the party from the governing coalition. claims Štefančík.

Political scientists on the current situation:

Source: R.Š. archive

He also commented on another possibility whether Kolíková would remain Minister of Justice and whether there was a threat of a coalition crisis. “On the one hand, according to the coalition agreement, this ministry belongs to the For the People party, on the other hand, the For the People party cannot guarantee support to the government by as many deputies as it did immediately after the election. what Kollár and Matovič agree on, ” the expert thinks.

Štefančík thinks that formally it is still possible to call the current government a four-party coalition. “The coalition agreement talks about parties, not parliamentary clubs. In reality, Veronika Remišová’s position of power has dropped to zero. She has lost virtually any tools of power, and her future today depends only on how Kollár and Matovič sleep.” We are a family will try to exhale the party for the people of the government and thus get rid of the opponent within the coalition, “ concluded.


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