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Afghanistan: with the arrival of the Taliban, artists live in fear in Kabul – Franceinfo



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D. Ollieric, M. Behdoudi, F. Le Moal, Y. Kadouch – France 2

France Televisions

In Afghanistan, the Taliban banned the music, painting, tattoos. France Télévisions reporters met painters, tattoo artists, models, who see their world destroyed and their future shattered.

The Taliban install their government in Kabul, Afghanistan, and the list of ministers has enough to thrill the FBI. In the Ministry of the Interior in particular, is Sirajuddin Haqqani, founder of the Haqqani network, close to Al-Qaeda and having already organized deadly attacks. A ministry of Good and Evil has been installed. The Taliban have banned music, painting, tattoos. Artists now live in fear. The painters now calligraphy the propaganda of the Islamic emirate.

Despite reassuring communication, the Taliban are patrolling arms in hand and increasing checks. An officially closed cultural center serves as a refuge for certain artists, who meet there. Abdoul Naser, tattoo artist, has not yet met a Taliban. “But I got a threatening call soon after they arrived, so I’m afraid they’ll cut my hands off.”, he testifies. A model who still paraded a few months ago for Kabul Fashion Week is certain that fashion will no longer have a place in this new country. Artists burn their works that could shock the Taliban.


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