NewsWorldAn incredible tragedy! Only an 18-year-old talented athlete...

An incredible tragedy! Only an 18-year-old talented athlete died in a lift accident –


Shocking scenes took place in Atlanta. A sports student crushed an elevator in front of his horrified teammates. The accident was probably caused by a lift failure.

Residents of the building where the tragedy occurred said after the fatal incident that the elevator had been in control for a long time.

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A group of three players from the Champion Prep Academy in Atlanta, Georgia were on their way to practice as they boarded the dormitory. According to eyewitness accounts, two of the three players got out of the elevator on the third floor, but before the third student could get out, the elevator suddenly collapsed. A college American football player was trapped between the wall and the elevator car in the shaft almost an hour before the rescue service arrived.

There has been a tragedy in this boarding school.

Source: apartments

Help came late

But for young sports talent, any help came late. Representatives of the Champion Prep Academy confirmed that Jaumarcus McFarland succumbed to his injuries. When paramedics arrived he was still breathing, but he died in the hospital. His friends, who witnessed a terrible tragedy, are terrified of the accident. They said they could not see their friend’s body because it was wedged in the gap and its lower half hung. One of the teenagers said: “I am speechless. At first, his legs moved. Then it stopped. He fainted. “

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They complained about the elevator

Some residents of the building stated that they had been complaining about the elevator for some time. One of them provided CBS with 46 pictures from the inspection certificate, which show that the last inspection was carried out in August 2019 and the other was to be in August 2020, ie more than a year ago. But that probably didn’t happen.

A student administration spokesman said they wanted to wait for an official report before making the announcement. Finally, he commented: “It simply came to our notice then. The carrying capacity of the lift is around 1,360 kilograms – however, there were 16 athletes in the lift who weighed almost 1,815 kilograms. This apparently led to the domino effect and tragic death of the young man. “

Football coach Michael Carson said of Jaumarcus McFarland: “He must have been one of those people who had potential.”


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