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The president boasted of a beautiful gift: PHOTO You have never seen Čaputová like this! – Topky


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President Zuzana Čaputová also received a beautiful gift from a recent business trip to Orava. “To sew a costume by hand, it’s hours and hours of robots, nice stitch after stitch,” said Danka Tropeková, the author of this beautiful vest or beetle, as they call it in Oravská Polhora. Brúcnik is not only a nice gift for me, which pleased me to the people of Orava on my recent business trip, but especially a materialized memory of hardworking and persistent people from this region, “ Čaputová wrote about the photograph.

Source: FB / Zuzana Caputova

“Mrs. Danka got into sewing folk costumes by accident ten years ago, thanks to her daughter, who started practicing folklore. Since she needed her own folk costume, she decided to sew it herself.” I laugh, “he recalls. Today, he embroiders his own elements and ornaments on the costumes, and each costume is unique.” published by the President.

She also added that she did not meet Ms. Danka when handing over the costume, as she was on a pre-planned trip abroad, but promised her a photo.


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