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Another BEAR ATTACK: He knocked the man to the ground and yelled in his ear! The mayor raises a warning finger – Topky


It has been about a month since information about the death of two bears circled Slovakia. One was found in the Muránska Planina National Park, the other in the village of Dúbravy, part of Ivina. Less than a month after this information, however, the inhabitants of the village were frightened by another report – the local was attacked by a bear. This was to happen in the forest in Hradné lúky, which belongs to the mentioned village. He was on a walk with his relatives and occasionally searched for mushrooms.

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The attacked resident encountered a bear, which attacked him from behind, knocked him to the ground, stood crouched above him and roared about 20 cm from his ear. The assailant was screaming, then she left him. ” said the mayor of Dúbrava Elena Grňová. She added that after the attack by the beast, a relative helped him to his feet, who was looking at the whole affair from about 200 meters. He was subsequently treated in the outpatient emergency service, and his wounds had to be sutured.


Concerns about winter

The mayor has long admitted for that problems with bears are practically on the agenda. “There are a lot of bears in Iviny. At the Poľana Protected Landscape Area, I reported that a bear was moving in Iviná in the area. Residents claimed that even with the young. And just today, a resident told me that a bear probably killed his ram, but he didn’t report it because there are a lot of paperwork around it, so he didn’t claim damages, “ explained for the head of the municipality. She pointed out that this year they met for the first time by having bears climb into their containers.

Another BEAR ATTACK: Man

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In Dúbrava, they solve problems with bears almost on the agenda: Now the shock has come!

This is due to the fact that they have large-volume containers in Iviná. She knew the time would come when the bears would start to take over the containers, but so far they had done it differently. They were looking for food mainly in the field where corn is sown. “In March, I applied for an environmental fund so that we could get closable containers, ie ones that the bear does not have a chance to open. They have not yet commented on our request, but I believe it will happen so soon. Because such containers are necessary for us, as the village is on a spa and is densely populated, ” added the head of the municipality.

Another BEAR ATTACK: Man


According to the head of the municipality, residents find bear footprints in the village. They have also been observed in facilities for the elderly. “We are afraid that when farmers take corn from the fields, the bears will be left without food and will become more and more aggressive. The inhabitants have gardens, keep livestock that will be of interest to bears. “ wrote for Grňová.

What do the competent say?

According to the Ministry of the Environment, the Emergency Team for the Brown Bear learned about the case when the bear attacked a human via a social network. “The intervention team for the brown bear immediately contacted the ŠOP SR Report of the Poľana Protected Landscape Area, which at that time had no information about this attack. the Intervention Team will reconstruct this attack. “ wrote a resort for

Teddy bear with a cub

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As he further informed, according to the information so far, the attack of the bear was defensive, because it protected its young. “By getting close to the resting leading bear and becoming a threat to her offspring, the man evaluated the attack as the only solution to this situation.” the envirorezort explained that this was normal behavior. And not only for bears, but also for deer and wild boar. As they subsequently added, the Intervention Team monitors the situation with bears in the vicinity of Poľana, using photo traps to identify problem individuals and regularly conducting patrols and trips in problem areas, during which they also communicate with local residents.

Bear in Žiar nad

Source: FB Police – Banská Bystrica Region

They are not overpopulated!

Experts warn that meeting a bear does not automatically mean that it will attack us. “It’s only a small percentage of all possible encounters. The most common situation is when the bear avoids you or stays hidden without you knowing about it. Although the bear is careful and most often runs away from humans, conflicts sometimes occur.” acknowledges the ministry, which adds that encounters with bears can be eliminated by appropriate human behavior. However, if this happens, the bear usually reacts in self-defense because it feels threatened.

Another BEAR ATTACK: Man

Source: High Tatras Police

“For example, when we get too close, he is injured, shot, we surprise him, he protects her food, or when a female protects her young. An attack can also be provoked by dogs or screams.” explained from the ministry. According to them, every circumstance and every bear is different, however, according to experts, their behavior can be predicted.

“In the forest and in locations close to the forest, be careful, especially in the morning, evening and night, when bears are more active, but also during the day in dense vegetation or around food sources. When moving in the forest, we should notice traces, droppings and We should be especially careful when moving in dense vegetation, in places with an abundance of wild berries, carcasses, poor visibility or audibility, or when moving against the wind, running water and so on. ” they drew attention from the envirorezort, in which case a sound expression, such as whistling, clapping or a louder conversation, will help.

Another BEAR ATTACK: Man

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According to the ministry, however, it cannot be said that bears in Slovakia were overpopulated. “The content of the ecological term ‘species multiplication’ says that:” A species is multiplied when it depletes its resources. The basic resources are food, space (habitat, shelters, etc.) and sexual partners. “Reproduction occurs when the size of the population exceeds appropriate or available resources and space. Nothing similar happens with the bear population in Slovakia, “ they wrote together with the fact that there are only as many beasts in nature as there are able to feed on a given place.

“The size of the population of any species is increasing as long as resources in the area allow. Bears today also receive resources beyond what nature has to offer. We consider forage and bait, agricultural crops and food obtained from unsecured containers.” concluded.

Bear family on a trip.

Source: FB / Banská Bystrica Police

Problem and other containers

According to the Slovak Environmental Inspectorate, the increased occurrence of brown bears in municipalities may be due to insufficiently secured containers in municipalities. However, the problem is not only mixed and bio-waste containers, but also plastic containers and containers with sorted metal waste. These are in yellow and red containers.

“These two components of municipal waste have not yet received adequate attention in this regard. However, based on inspections, we can state that they are high-risk, because they often contain uneaten residues of aromatic foods or beverages. In addition, these containers shall not be secured against the access of any animals, including the access of the brown bear. ” informed the environmental inspection.


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