NewsWorldKabul attacks, three British dead: one is a child

Kabul attacks, three British dead: one is a child


There are also three Britons, including a child, among the victims of yesterday’s attack in Kabul. This was announced by Foreign Minister Dominic Raab. Meanwhile, 13,708 people have been evacuated from Afghanistan by the military since 13 August, according to the latest official figures released by the London Ministry of Defense. Of these, 7,975 are Afghan nationals who have collaborated with the British contingent or are part of the assistance program. Meanwhile, Defense Minister Ben Wallace revealed that up to 1,100 Afghan citizens who may qualify for evacuation from Kabul will be left in Afghanistan as the military mission draws to a close and after the sorting center set up this morning at the Baron Hotel, near the airport, was closed. Read also “We will take away the last thousand, the people inside the airport. If possible, if we can identify the people who are still outside, if we can find a way to get them, we will see what to do,” Wallace said. to the BBC. In another interview with LBC, Wallace reported that there are still around “100-150 British citizens left, some of whom want to stay”. Another 800-1-1 ” Afghans who could be part of the assistance program set up by London “did not make it”, even though the British forces managed to save “twice as many people as we thought they could get out”. The British also face another problem. According to a Times reporter, London diplomats left the documents with the personal details of Afghan collaborators at the embassy in Kabul without destroying them. The embassy, ​​now manned by the Taliban, had been hastily abandoned on August 15, as the Taliban were completing their recapture of Afghanistan. According to the Times, the protocol that requires the destruction of all sensitive documents was not respected. The news was also confirmed by Wallace, who promised that “it will be clarified”. “I think the prime minister will ask questions. We need to understand how it was possible,” said the defense minister. The opposition also intervened on the matter, with the shadow minister of defense of the Labor Party, Lisa Nandy, who attacked the foreign minister Dominic Raab, already at the center of the controversy in the first days of the fall of Kabul, stressing that “the destruction of confidential materials and the safe evacuation of the embassy should have been a top priority. “


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