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DIRECT. Covid-19: towards a 3rd dose “for a large part of the vaccinated population”, estimates Jean-François Delfraissy – archyde


The essential

The events of Wednesday August 25:

9 hours. Japan is further expanding its sanitary measures. Japan is preparing this Wednesday to extend to most of its territory health measures already in place in part of the country in an attempt to stem the spread of Covid-19, while record numbers of infections are regularly identified . In total, 33 of the 47 Japanese departments, including the capital Tokyo currently hosting the Paralympic Games, will now be affected.

8:47 am. “We missed health democracy. “ For Gilles Pialoux, a citizens’ convention should be created so that all French people can express their opinions on substantive subjects related to Covid-19 such as “the issue of vaccination of children, the vaccination obligation of teachers”.

8.45 a.m. “The start of the school year worries us a lot. “ “I think it is a medical error to treat the vaccinated and the unvaccinated differently” in the school environment, believes Gilles Pialoux at the microphone of BFMTV-RMC, who sees this difference in treatment as “a risk-taking” for the next school year. In the event of a positive case in a middle school or high school class, the health protocol developed for this start of the school year recommends that ” the unvaccinated goes home, the vaccinated stays in classbecause it has no risk of infecting others ”explained the Minister of National Education at the end of July.

8:43 am. Gilles Pialoux “carries the recommendation” for the third dose. Invited by RMC-BFMTV, the infectious disease specialist also recommends the injection of a third dose of vaccine and affirms that he will be administered this new dose of serum as soon as possible in a personal capacity.

8:32. “I think we will go to a third dose for a large part of the vaccinated population”, estimates this Wednesday the president of the Scientific Council Jean-François Delfraissy, guest of Télématin. “I will be vaccinated a third time as soon as I can,” he continues.

8:25 am. Vaccines that stand the test of time and variants. The effectiveness of Pfizer and Moderna vaccines against Covid-19 has dropped from 91% to 66% since the Delta variant has become dominant in the United States, according to data released Tuesday by U.S. health officials.

8:13. On TV tonight… Covid fiction! The season 4 of the American fiction “Good Doctor” starts this Wednesday evening (9:05 pm on TF1) and gives pride of place to the past year and a half, marked by the coronavirus? With “Chicago Med” airing shortly thereafter, each deals with the pandemic differently. Our opinion in this article.

8 hours. The usefulness of a third dose? She believes it. The Moderna’s commercial director, Corinne Le Goff, defended on BFMTV the idea of ​​a third dose for the most fragile people. As to whether it will be necessary to be vaccinated every year against Covid-19, the latter believes that this will “depend on how the virus will continue to evolve”.

7:44. Towards a back-to-school messy upset? According to epidemiologist Arnaud Fontanet, the coming back to school on September 2 is the main element that could call into question the slight decline in the Covid-19 epidemic, observed for several days in France. And for good reason, some figures raise fears of a more complex situation than in September 2020.

7:30 am. Confinement and prolonged curfew in Martinique. Containment and curfew in effect since July 30 in Martinique were extended for another three weeks, until September 19 included, for fight against the spread of the coronavirus. “The current health situation does not allow the lifting of the current measures”, explains the prefect Stanislas Cazelles in a press release. At the same time, the rector of the academy has launched consultations on whether to keep the start of the school year until September 2.

7:22. They are called Ronaprev, XAV-19 or Molnupiravir… These treatments arouse the interest of the scientific community, which sees in them potential cures against Covid-19. What are they worth for the time being? The Parisian takes stock.

Five anti-Covid treatments on the test bench. LP / Computer Graphics

7:10. A third dose, for whom? From September, a “first circle” will be able to access the third dose of vaccine against Covid-19. Will you be eligible? We recap everything in this article.

6:55 am. The US report on the origins of the virus is inconclusive. The report required by US President Joe Biden to his intelligence services on the origin of the Covid-19 does not allow this sensitive issue to be resolved, reported Tuesday evening American media. At the end of May, the President of the United States called on American intelligence, so far unable to rule on the thesis of an animal origin or that of a leak at the Chinese laboratory in Wuhan, to “redouble their efforts” to explain the problem. origin of the Covid-19 and to provide a report within 90 days.

6:40 am. A little optimism. If the health situation is particularly degraded in several French territories, in particular in Polynesia and the West Indies, the hope of defeating the Covid-19 is also growing. Research is accelerating and the first drug marketing authorizations should arrive in the coming months. We explain everything in this article.

6:25 am. Re-entry under Covid-19. Everyone would have preferred it to be otherwise, but the coronavirus is still present at the end of summer and will be high on the agenda of the first council of ministers back to school, which takes place this morning. Government objective: achieve the 50 million first-time vaccinated as of August 31, “A decisive step”, according to Gabriel Attal, spokesperson for the government.

6:15 am. Hello everyone. And welcome to this live dedicated to the health crisis linked to Covid-19. It will allow you to follow, in real time, the news of this theme throughout the day.


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