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Shock: Škoda ‘whistled’ the new Fabia Combi! Her neck broke her exhaust –


The pity provided a real surprise. Almost overnight, it stopped the development of the new generation Fabia Combi. He has to make room with an electric car. Gone are the days when automakers made the cars we want. What complies with emission standards is produced.

Photo: Theo Chin

Škoda Fabia Combi – illustration 2021 The fourth-generation Fabia Combi was to be unique in the lower class. At the last moment, however, Škoda put her hands away from her.

The fate of the fourth generation Fabia Combi was “tense” from the beginning. After all, station wagon versions of lower-class models are completely out of the game today. The past is the Seat Ibiza ST, VW Polo Variant, Peugeot 208 SW and Renault Clio Grandtour. They were replaced by the more popular small SUVs. Škoda also did not mention the more practical body variant in connection with the new Fabia at all. It was only later that there were reports that the new hatchback would be delayed by about two years and that the current generation would remain on the lines until then. Finally, during the premiere of the fourth-generation Fabia, this scenario was confirmed by the head of the carmaker, Thomas Schäfer, stating that the Fabia Combi is under development and is about to be launched in 2023.

But in the end, everything is different. There will be no Škoda Fabia Combi. This follows from a letter to employees quoted by the ČTK agency. The reason is surprising, because it is not a question of demand. The last small station wagon of Europe would certainly not have to be afraid of customer interest. The wind blows from another side. “The extremely strict Euro 7 emission standard further dramatically accelerates the transformation process towards electromobility. Therefore, we not only need more electric cars, but we also need to say goodbye to some internal combustion engine products faster than planned, “Škoda Auto said in a letter to its employees.” Together, we decided to invest consistently in the future and say goodbye in time. with models with an internal combustion engine, such as the Škoda Fabia Combi, ”adds the carmaker’s management in a letter.

Emission policy thus has another victim. Customers looking for a station wagon with an internal combustion engine will have to reach for a larger but also significantly more expensive Octavia Combi in the future, or at least prefer the Škoda Scala or the Kamiq SUV derived from it. The affordable station wagon simply disappears from the market. The production of the current generation will still run, but only until the end of next year. As we know, however, the emission cuts, which require huge investments in the development of electric cars, will not only affect the Fabia Combi. As we know, Škoda also plans to cut the offer, especially to reduce the number of versions and equipment. The Fabia Combi probably wouldn’t fit too well into these savings plans. It would require the development of an extended MQB A0 platform, which it would use as the only one in the group. However, the carmaker knew this a long time ago, so a sudden change of course is really a shock.


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