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Peštová in Vary has no competition. Black velvet, white lace – what choice, the full number of points! –


Already at Friday’s grand opening of the 55th annual Karlovy Vary Film Festival, she was one of the best dressed ladies. Even the funniest ones. The triumph of top model Daniela Peštová continued in the following days.


Top model Daniela Peštová and her life partner Pavol Habera at a party of a well-known bank in Karlovy Vary.

The life partner of the Slovak singer and musician Pavel Haber appeared with him at several events during the weekend. At the same time, he resonated with his refined style and fashion choices, as well as the arrangement that they took care of in the case of Peštová in a special lounge of the Czech magazine ELLE. He is present at the festival almost every year.

The blonde appeared with Haber at a party of one of the Czech banks on Sunday, while betting on a decent and elegant look with the dominance of black velvet. The trousers and vest made of dense and lavish-looking velvet were complemented by a transparent blouse with gentle embroidery, lavish jewelry and a leaflet from the well-known Bottega Veneta brand. The Superstar judge was obviously not bothered that Peštová took on very high heels this time and is a few centimeters taller from him – he smiled contentedly at her side. But that may not surprise you.

What surprised the well-known Czech top model, who celebrated her 50th birthday last year (on that occasion, Pravda gave an exclusive interview, which you can read here) was another fashion choice.

Creation in snow-white lace with a distinctive floral pattern from the Zimmermann brand was an atypical choice in the Czech and Slovak waters of show business, but undoubtedly very stylish and original. Thanks to the exemplary figure, Peštová can afford to experiment with the cut and the silhouette, and she could use it in this case as well – similar dresses would certainly not fit every woman, but she looked really great in them.

Actress Martha Issová in Chatty's creation.

Actress Hana Vágnerová (right) with a colleague ...

And then there is, of course, the golden look – that is, a model of evening dresses from the Amen workshop, in which she appeared at the already mentioned Friday opening of the festival (you can find it in the gallery above). Which one fascinated you the most? Vote in our poll.

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