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Reem: “I am a Palestinian teacher, I lost my daughter in the rain of missiles”


“I am a teacher and mother of two children, one of whom was killed in 2019 by a missile launched from Israel. She was just a week old. I live in Khan Younis, a city south of the Gaza Strip, and here I want to die”. Reem is 25 years old, she is Palestinian, and at the Adnkronos she tells of a battle she has dealt with since she was a child, which today, now a woman, has taken away her newborn daughter forever, but from which, she says, not will escape. “Where could I flee? – Reem asks – This is my home, no place is safe, everything is under the crosshairs of Israel which has engaged in a violent conflict which civilians are paying for, many of them children and women. None. difference is made between big and small, we live in constant fear, at every sound of explosion I hug my baby so that he can’t hurt himself. Yes – continues Reem – I hug him physically, but psychologically I can’t. He’s only one and a half years old. but he is already well aware of what fear means. To this we must add that we have been living under siege for almost 15 years, with the electricity missing for several days in a row, with medicines and food not available. Gaza is a disaster area, we hope that a solution will be found soon “. (by Silvia Mancinelli)



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