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United Airlines has instructed its crews not to use duct tape to immobilize rowdy passengers in flight

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United Airlines asked his crews not to use tape for immobilize unruly passengers in flight.

In an internal note sent to flight crews, they are reminded “ that there is suitable material on board that can be used in difficult situations, and that alternative measures such as tape should never be used“.

The overwhelming majority of our customers behaved at their best … and passengers returned to our flights with confidence and enthusiasm.“, Observes United Airlines. In the event of disorderly behavior, hostesses and stewards should resort to measures of ” standard de-escalation” , notably ” the meeting process … which involves discussing the situation with the pilot-in-command, customer service representative and ground safety coordinator for assessment and solutions“.

Crews are encouraged to use the Safety Manual to guide their decision making if they believe a customer should be denied service on board, and ” in the case where [ils] are unable to reach an agreement with a client, [ils] must follow [le] regular de-escalation process … and always use [leur] best judgment“.

With the resumption of air traffic this summer in the United States, airlines are grappling with an unprecedented increase in unruly passenger behavior, according to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). United Airlines’ internal memo comes after rowdy passengers were glued to their seats on other U.S. airlines.

On an American Airlines flight, a passenger glued to her seat after trying to open a door in mid-flight:

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A 22-year-old passenger on Porter Airlines:

A 13-year-old boy on an American Airlines flight from Hawaii to Los Angeles:

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