NewsWorldThey tried to discredit Matovič by photographing him with...

They tried to discredit Matovič by photographing him with enemies from Smer and Hlas – SME


Sep 23, 2022 at 7:32 pm I Paid content Anonymous sent a photo to the media. The shot was taken by someone from SaS. BRATISLAVA. The photo in which Igor Matovič is captured with political rivals from Hlas and Smer is intended to convince the leader of OĽaNO that in reality his hostility towards them is only fake. Article continues under video advertisement Article continues under video advertisement For Matovič, such a revelation could have even more serious political implications if it turns out that he was at the meeting to contribute to the failure of a bill to limit the use of the controversial section 363 of the Criminal Code. The section allows the Attorney General to stop any criminal prosecution. OĽaNO criticizes the general prosecutor Maroš Žilinka for abusing the authority with which he can cancel the criminal prosecution of the accused. The photo and the attached comment were received on Thursday by several media, including the SME daily, from an anonymous source. “Igor Matovič, Boris Kollár, Peter Žiga, Boris Susko and Peter Pčolinský in a confidential discussion about section 363 – how to prevent it, but so that it doesn’t look stupid in front of the voters,” wrote an anonymous person. [email protected] so that we can help you.” data-msg-btn-logout=”Log in as another user” data-msg-btn-close=”Stay logged in” >



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