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PHOTO AND VIDEO A funeral the likes of which Spišići have never seen before –


Almost a thousand people came to see off the girl, who breathed her last on the pedestrian crossing just a few meters from the house. The ceremonial hall in the house of mourning and the space in front of it were bursting at the seams. Young people predominated in the crowd – classmates from the Banská Bystrica Academy and friends of blondes. Read more Singer and promising actress Zuzka died in an accident: She breathed her last near her home Open casket The farewell before the ceremony at the open casket was extremely sad and painful. Two women – Jana’s mother and the girl’s grandmother – were wailing quite frighteningly. At the sight of the suffocating women, even tough guys cried. The young people burst into tears immediately after entering the house of mourning. Most of them, looking at Zuzka’s soulless body, were almost on the verge of collapse. It was unusually touching how they comforted each other, although almost every one of them needed support. WATCH SISTER KLÁRA’S SPEECH IN THE VIDEO Scripted Farewell The last farewell ceremony was not conducted by a priest as usual, but by the former mayor of Spišská Nová Ves, Ján Volný. In his speech, he briefly mentioned the girl’s short life, saying that she wanted to be an actress from an early age. Volný, who comforted his parents, sister and elderly people with beautiful and kind words, sometimes had trouble speaking, as his voice was breaking from grief. You can find more photos from the last farewell HERE >>> Kind-hearted and talented After the presenter, the girl’s grieving classmates, friends and sister Klára spoke on behalf of the family. In different variations, they spoke about the kindness, good-heartedness, enormous talent and artistic talent of the girl who left too soon and unexpectedly. They compared her to the sun, which warms the hearts of those she meets. Each of the speakers broke down in tears during the speech. They also mentioned her plans, which she was full of, not only professional, but also personal. She will not be able to fulfill any of them. Fate decided otherwise. ZUZKA SENT GREETING FROM THE GRAVE TO THE GATHERING IN THE FORM OF A SONG, read HERE about the speech of the fiancé and the greeting of the beauty from the grave >>>



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