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The winner: Max Verstappen (Red Bull) Impeccable at the start, realistic about the need to go “hard” during the virtual safety car before putting “soft” during the neutralization, he was impressive at the “restart of the 60th lap passing Lewis Hamilton just after the timing line. He mastered everything, despite a small weakness in “soft”, including what we often forget: the enormous pressure of driving at home.Watch the US Open live on EurosportDutch Grand PrixMusic on the fiasco at stand, Ferrari recognizes that “something is wrong”17 HOURS AGOHis first career “4 in a row” propels him 109 points ahead of his runners-up in the championship. Max II arrives…The film of the race | The classification of the World Championship The rising star: George Russell (Mercedes) P2 is his best career result if we exclude the masquerade of the Petit Prix de Belgique 2021. The young Englishman had the courage to return to take “soft” during neutralization, and his choice paid off. Clear-headed, he knew very well that he was giving up any chance of victory, but his anti-spectacular regularity can be seen in the championship standings: he dislodged Carlos Sainz (Ferrari) from 4th place and was only 13 lengths away of Charles Leclerc (Ferrari), the world n°2. All this without having won a race. The frustrated: Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes) Safety cars, virtual or real, made him switch into a world parallel to the radio, where the tone rose to the point of insult. We recap: “The virtual safety car got us well!” Preceded: “It was our biggest mistake” Then, the now famous: “I can’t believe how you got me! (and again we is polite)!” Lewis Hamilton could not bear to have his technical superiority destroyed by external events and we understand that. Friday and Saturday, he had done a remarkable job of preparation with the “hard” tires, and his pace blew Max Verstappen, like Charles Leclerc. If he still had a chance to come back to the Dutchman, he can only blame him for the missed opportunity to return to take “soft”. He had taken the advantage for the first time this season in his duel in qualifying against Russell (8-7), but there he finds himself 30 points behind his young partner. The double fail: FerrariHow can the Scuderia have the nerve to explain to us that it surprised its mechanics when Carlos Sainz came back on the 15th lap? A “late” decision, according to her, which justifies the absence of a new left rear tire for the F1 75 n°55. 12.7 of panic and a pistol lying around, on which Sergio Pérez rolled to extricate himself from his garage. The FIA ​​passed the towel and it was very lucky, because this amateurism was worth a sanction. she did not escape Carlos Sainz’s “unsafe release” on lap 58. The Spaniard tumbled from P5 to P8. the McLaren pit crew? Ferrari assumes nothing and this is its biggest problem. Despite the shock of the Piastri affair, the Blues are heading for 4th place in the championship. His spin and his lack of rhythm had somewhat irritated Helmut Marko on Saturday, he was still asleep at the restart and Sainz took advantage of it. once transparent, fifth thanks to the penalty imposed on the Spaniard, he lost a second per lap in the last 13. “It’s a great day for the team, much less for me,” he conceded. The number 12th podium of the year for Mercedes and still no victory. The statement: Max Verstappen (Red Bull) “I would have beaten both of them (Hamilton and Russell) if they had stayed on ‘medium’. So it was a smart move on his part as well (on Russell’s part to finish ‘soft’)” Max Verstappen celebrates his victory at the 2022 Dutch GP, at the Zandvoort circuit, in front of his fansCredit: Getty ImagesDutch Grand PrixInsults on the radio, the team (“trash”) cashes in: Hamilton apologizes to MercedesIL 6 HOURS AGODutch Grand PrixRisk taking and ‘big home result’: how Verstappen flew to victory21 HOURS AGO