A driver hit 4 schoolgirls in Trnava: She ran a red light! – New time

A terrible accident happened in Trnava on the very first day of school. The misfortune happened to 4 innocent schoolgirls who were crossing the pedestrian crossing. The Police of the Slovak Republic informs on their Facebook about the incident that happened on the first day of school in Trnava. “Four friends were crossing a properly marked crossing when a silver Peugeot 206 car hit them. The 48-year-old woman who was driving the car did not respect the red light at the traffic light and there was a collision with the girls,” the police wrote on Facebook. According to the police, the girls’ lives are not in danger: “Two of them at the age of 14 suffered superficial injuries, the third girl of the same age ended up in the hands of rescuers, who took her to the Trnava hospital with injuries. The last one, a 13-year-old student, was not injured. Police alcohol he did not detect the driver behind the wheel. The exact causes and circumstances of the accident are still being investigated by the police.” As a result of the accident, the traffic police had to close Hlbá ulica and redirect traffic to other streets. “We warn drivers to be more careful, especially near pedestrian crossings, to respect traffic signs and allow pedestrians to cross the road safely. At the same time, we appeal to parents to warn schoolchildren that, for the sake of their own safety and health, they should only cross the road when when the driver behind the wheel notices them. Entering a pedestrian crossing suddenly on foot, on a bicycle or scooter is life-threatening!” the police urges drivers. Alena Krčová, spokeswoman for the Operation Center of the Emergency Medical Service (OSZZS) of the Slovak Republic, confirmed the intervention of rescuers for TASR. “I can confirm the intervention of the paramedics that we sent to help a minor. Given that it is a child, however, I cannot provide more information about the course of the medical intervention or the extent of the injuries,” she said.