Emma ČAPUTOVÁ as a modeling STAR? Miro Šimonič explains – Pluska.sk

Miro Šimonič represents Slovak top model Adriana Sklenaříková, Czech top model Pavlína Pořízková, Alain Delon’s sons and Charlie Chaplin’s granddaughter Kiera. Read more PHOTO Adriana Sklenaříková showed her daughter: Wow, little Nina has already turned into a big lady and that look! He modeled himself during the communist era and even then he earned more than his parents. Thanks to his knowledge of English, he was one of the first Slovak models to get to Paris, where the door to world show business opened for him. Adriana Sklenaříková (first from left) and Miro Šimonič have been working together for many years. Source: Marta Földešová When he had to compare the then and current world of modeling, he admitted that a lot has changed over the years. “We had to spend three months in that country because everything was expensive, we didn’t have a plane ticket or a phone. We had to find new friends everywhere,” said Miro Šimonč. However, it also had advantages. “I live from it to this day. Anywhere from Tokyo to Los Angeles, I have someone I know and can stop by,” he added. PHOTO of Emma Čaputová HERE! Nowadays, it’s different, according to him, young people don’t have the stamina. “Now the young generation is completely different. I would beat them over the head because they can’t distinguish what their chance in life is. A model has no problem canceling a job for three thousand euros because “my boyfriend forbade me”. She is on the phone with him all day and when he finishes, he flies home,” he shakes his head. The weekly PLUS 7 DAYS also asked the successful modeling agent Miro Šimonič about Emma, ​​the daughter of President Zuzana Čaputová. How does she see her career? Read on.