A private plane that took off from Jerez crashes in the Baltic Sea

Updated Sunday, 4 September 2022 – 21:10 It is suspected that the family traveling on the plane may have died in the accident. NATO planes came to investigate before the plane crashedMap of the flight from Jerez.AirNav RadarboxAccident One dead after a TAP plane collided with a motorcycle upon landing in Guinea Conakry Mystery in the Alps Melting ice reveals the remains of a plane disappeared in 1968 Tragedy in the Baltic. A private plane that took off this afternoon in Jerez (Cdiz) crashed before 8:00 p.m. in the waters of Latvia. The ship was occupied by four members of the same family, including the pilot. According to Enaire sources, the air navigation management entity, the jet was a Cessna 551, which took off at around 3:55 p.m. from the airport. from Jerez (Cdiz). At around 5:00 p.m., one hour after taking off, the ship flew over the province of Toledo and communicated with the so-called North Center. The sound of the communication was not clear and the message could hardly be understood. But the pilot reported problems in the plane. It is believed that he was talking about pressurization problems, but it is not certain because the sound was very confusing. they change without warning or when planes fly over the joint space without permission, for example. These maneuvers are called scramble. Two Spanish aircraft sent from the CAOC (Combined Air Operations Center) of the Torrejn de Ardoz air base, where this NATO body is based. The planes tried to communicate with the ship without success, they verified that it kept its flight in a straight line and that the cruising speed was correct, they explained from Enaire. At that point, they could only escort the plane, but when they reached the height of Bordeaux (France) withdrew and two French fighters followed with the escort, although they were also unable to communicate with the aircraft. In addition, the military pilots no longer saw anyone in the cockpit, which could indicate that the occupants were unconscious or even deceased. At some point during its flight through France, it already seems that the ship was able to make some strange maneuver. The Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet says that the flight was scheduled to land in the German city of Cologne. Aftonbladet in turn cites the German newspaper Bild, which also published that German and Danish fighters came up to the plane and no one was seen in the cabin. According to this same newspaper, the plane continued flying until it reached Baltic waters, when it lost height very quickly, until it crashed off the coast of Latvia. Different air navigation web pages show the plane’s trajectory until it crashed into the Baltic waters. German airspace and crashed in the Baltic Sea off Latvia,” reported the German Air Force, adding that several German Eurofighters had previously escorted the device, reports EFE. According to the Swedish authorities, a large oil slick on the water and the chances of finding survivors were thought to be slim. The plane is a Cessna 551, a small device (10 seats) that is a little over 40 years old. The four occupants of the jet are of German nationality, all of them from the same family, including the pilot, with temporary residence in Germany. Zahara of the Tunas (Cdiz). The Austrian agency APA quotes a Swedish air safety expert who considers it possible that the occupants of the plane could be rendered unconscious due to the lack of oxygen in the cabin due to a leak. tomorrow, he crossed Spain, France, Germany and entered the Baltic Sea. Contact was lost after passing the coasts of Poland, the Russian enclave of Kaliningrad and the coasts of Lithuania until entering the sea area closest to Latvia. The Swedish Coast Guard has sent rescue planes, boats and a helicopter to the accident site, reports Europa Press. According to the criteria of The Trust Project Learn more