Vincent Collet, after the victory of the Blues against Hungary: “It’s not acceptable” – L’Équipe

Vincent Collet (coach of the France team, who beat Hungary (78-74) on Sunday): “It was a very difficult match for us, which we didn’t expect. We managed a good start, which is not our habit. But unfortunately, we came back down very quickly, unable to maintain the same pace once we got ahead. We slowed down the game instead of speeding it up, playing aggressively. The fundamentals were missing. Even if our percentage is not bad (52% in shooting, 37% in 3 points, 17/20 in free throws), we lose 20 balls, and in a match of international level, it is obviously far too much. These are all balls that we cannot attack behind. Yesterday (Saturday), after our performance against Lithuania (78-75), I thought we were finally starting our Euro. But everything we had built, we applied ourselves to deconstructing it. Beyond the result and the way, not very glorious this evening, it is the behavior that we could have had, not up to the task, and the lack of enthusiasm that struck me. “When you play against a team that gives its life, regardless of its supposed level, and you don’t behave the same way, you play as if you were tossing a coin” Evan Fournier (back of France team): “Against Bosnia on Tuesday, we have revenge to take, out of pride. And we know that it has to be a fight, we have to behave much better than tonight. ” Vincent Poirier (pivot of the French team): “The most important thing is the victory. I’m not going to say that the way we played reassures us. You win by being scared, but you also have to know how to take these matches. Matches a bit tricky. After our big game against Lithuania, there was a silly slack on our part. We will have to refocus for the match against Bosnia. Tonight, we put pressure on ourselves, stupid pressure. We force things. Against Hungary, it passes, but we will have to be vigilant for our future adversaries, against whom these errors will not have the same consequences. It’s up to us to be serious, to remobilize and to prepare well for the match. »