Emotional and massive farewell to Eduardo Roldán in the Cathedral of Jaca with the presence of the infantas and Urdangarin – Heraldo.es

The Cathedral of Jaca stayed small this Sunday to say goodbye to Eduardo Roldán, former director and manager of the Candanchú station, who died on Friday at the age of 83. The funeral was scheduled for 5:00 p.m., but half an hour before, there were already people waiting at the doors of the Jaqués temple. And it is that Roldán was well loved and well known in Jaca, in the Aragón Valley and in the world of skiing and snow at a national level. Therefore, there was a broad representation of this sector at the mass, as well as local authorities and representatives of different sports federations. They did not want to miss giving the last goodbye to Eduardo Roldán, the infantas Elena and Cristina, Iñaki Urdangarin and their two children. Upon arrival they melted into an endearing hug with Roldán’s wife and in the church they sat in the first pews of the Cathedral, Cristina and Elena with the widow and on the bench behind, the mayor of Jaca, Juan Manuel Ramón, two of Cristina and Urdangarin’s children, and Urdangarin. Both the infantas and Urdangarin were very affected and moved by the death of Eduardo Roldán. Even when leaving the Cathedral, while Urdargarin was talking with his children, it was possible to see how he burst into tears. And it is that not only the emeritus king Juan Carlos I had an excellent relationship of friendship with the former director of Candanchú, those ties have also been extended to the current kings, Don Felipe and Doña Letizia, and to the infantas Elena and Cristina and their families . The two infantas have felt the loss of Eduardo Roldán very much, as reflected in their faces, since the relationship was very close and close. At the funeral they have commented with some attendees on the relationship they had with Roldán, what they appreciated and have remembered that they practically learned to ski with him. Cristina and Iñaki’s children also knew him, because they also practiced skiing with him. King Felipe VI went to the funeral home on Saturday afternoon, since he could not attend the funeral in the Cathedral. Both the king and the infantas, came by vehicle and on a private visit to Jaca. The mass was officiated by the parish priest Valentín Garcés, together with Miguel Domec, the parish priest of Candanchú, the Pious Schools. Three hearses arrived at the cathedral about ten minutes before 5:00 p.m., since there have been many wreaths, bouquets and flower arrangements sent from all over Spain. Three of them belonged to the royal family: one of Juan Carlos I and Queen Sofía, another of the kings Don Felipe and Doña Sofía, and a third of the infantas and their families. The director and monitors entered the coffin into the Cathedral from the Candanchú Ski School, and at the exit, they deposited him in the largest fish market and the silence was broken with great applause and shouts of hurray. The lifeless body of Eduardo Roldán was moved to Sabiñánigo for cremation. Among those attending the funeral were local authorities, representatives of sports federations and the entire world of snow and skiing in the country. It is worth mentioning May Peus, president of the Royal Spanish Federation of Winter Sports (RFEDI), José Ricardo Abad president, of the Aragonese Federation of Winter Sports (FADI), Alberto Ayora, president of the Spanish Federation of Mountain and Climbing Sports , Jorge Garbajosa president of the Spanish Basketball Federation, Fernando Yarza president of Candanchú, Carlos Lannes sports director of the FADI, Jesús Santacruz president of Asún and Andrés Pita deputy general director of Astún, the former president of the Government of Aragon Marcelino Iglesias, the mayor Juan Manuel Ramón from Jaca and those from the Aragón valley, such as Luis Terrén de Villanúa, Álvaro Salesa from Castiello de Jaca, Fernando Sánchez from Canfranc and José Luis Galindo from Aísa, among others. Representatives of Aramón have also been present, as well as Pedro Urieta, director of the Formigal Ski School, who has also read a biblical text at mass. We must add representatives of the Civil Guard and the Army. In addition, and how could it be otherwise, there have been businessmen, neighbors and workers from Candanchú, as well as many inhabitants of Jaca and the Jacetania region.