Iberia Express registers six canceled flights and four delays this Sunday due to the strike

MADRID, Sep 4. (EUROPA PRESS) – The eighth day of strike called by Iberia Express cabin crew (TCP) has caused the cancellation of six flights and four delays this Sunday, according to data provided by the USO union. at 7:00 p.m. The six canceled flights are round trip connections between Madrid and Palma, Seville and Las Palmas. As for the delays, two have been registered in Madrid, one in Tenerife Sur and one in Palma de Mallorca. Iberia Express expected to operate this Sunday 94 percent of scheduled flights on the eighth day of strike. Until 4:00 p.m., the airline has operated 55 flights and 7,000 passengers have flown without incident due to the strike, as reported by the company. In order to minimize the impact of the strike on customers, the company preemptively canceled 3 round-trip flights (1 to Gran Canaria, 1 to Mallorca and 1 to Seville) scheduled for this day. In this regard, the airline has clarified that 97 percent of the passengers affected by these cancellations have been relocated to other flights of Iberia Express, Iberia or other companies, or alternative means of transport. The remaining three percent have opted for a refund, change of date or route, bonus or are still waiting to decide on the option that best suits their needs. In addition, it has activated a flexibility plan for all customers with a flight until September 6 so that they can request a change of dates for the same route or a voucher with the total amount of the reservation, if they so wish.