Gilles Lellouche and Mélanie Doutey: Their daughter Ava was born just before a painful family ordeal

This is a brand new program that France 2 launched on Saturday September 3. Called Les Rencontres du Papotin, it invites a group of non-professional journalists with autism spectrum disorders to meet a personality, in order to submit all the questions of their choice. “This program is in fact the TV adaptation of Papotin, a magazine created in 1990 by Driss El Kesri, educator at the Antony day hospital (Hauts-de-Seine)”, as recalled a few days ago The Parisian. For the launch of this half-hour program, it was Gilles Lellouche who lent himself to the game, facing all the questions. Quite discreet about his private life, the actor and director who celebrated his 50th birthday last July notably mentioned his daughter Ava, 12, whom he had with his ex-girlfriend Mélanie Doutey (they stayed together from 2002 to 2013). The teenager was born in 2009, just six months before Gilles Lellouche lost his dad. A birth and a death which Gilles Lellouche has agreed to speak with an open heart in Les meetings du Papotin. My pain was a little more balanced “I loved my dad very much. On the other hand, not always, but sometimes life is good and I was lucky to have my daughter just before my dad died , confided the one to whom we owe the film Le Grand Bain in particular. “She was born six months before my dad left for heaven, and that my father was able to see my daughter was a great chance for me”, “Added Gilles Lellouche. Thinking back to this period when feelings of happiness and pain were mixed, the actor was particularly moving. “Maybe my pain was a little more balanced, in any case, maybe I had a little less pain losing my father because I had my daughter who had just arrived, he shared. In six months, I had the birth of my baby and the loss of my dad. That’s it, it’s the balance of life, even if I would have preferred my dad to still be there, of course.” Remained close to Mélanie Doutey despite their breakup, Gilles Lellouche now shares the life of Alizée Guinochet. The hardships follow one another but, very fortunately, the happiness too.