At 11 against 10, Rennes is still losing ground – Debrief and NOTES of the players (ESTAC 1-1 SRFC)

For his first with Rennes, Amine Gouiri had to. Long in numerical superiority, Stade Rennais was hooked Troyes (1-1) during the 6th day of Ligue 1. More than the result, the content is still disappointing for the club Breton. If attractive last season, Stade Rennais can no longer do it. Les Rouge et Noir left points on the way again, this time on the field of Troyes (1-1) during the 6th day of Ligue 1. an assistant referee, Rennes did not show a mad desire to pack the meeting. Troyes reduced to 10 from the 26th! His sterile possession imposed a small rhythm and the Trojan block had no trouble resisting. ESTAC was content to defend and on its first situation, namely an indirect free kick, Ugbo (1-0, 14th) opened the scoring quite successfully! Stade Rennais was punished for its passivity, then helped by the card direct red given Salmier (26th). Suffice to say that the attack-defense was accentuated, without the Gallon goalkeeper being really endangered before the break. The Trojan goalkeeper was only to be used on long shots, including that of the side Traor, well obliged to support attackers not very visible. As expected, the visitors, with the entries of Sulemana and Dou, pressed the accelerator on the way back from the locker room. Rennes ineffectiveEt very quickly, Santamaria (1-1, 48th) put the two teams equal. There was cause for concern for the formation of Bruno Irles. Except that the enormous pressure from Rennes did not last long. After the big chances missed by Terrier and Bourigeaud, the intensity fell. Troyes even passed very close to the hold-up on the head of Porozo without a frame! There is no doubt that ESTAC will settle for a draw, unlike the Rouge et Noir, which have been struggling since the start of the season. Score for the match: 4/10 Almost unrecognizable compared to last season, Rennes really had a hard time packing the game. It was better in the second period but the meeting generally lacked rhythm, intensity and clear chances. The goals: – On a long indirect free kick from Tardieu, Terrier returns the ball in the axis. Rony Lopes misses his recovery which becomes a decisive pass for Ugbo, scorer despite his strike in the center (1-0, 14th). – After a center back from Traor, Gouiri returns for Terrier the entrance to the surface. The striker, without a shooting angle, shifts for Santamaria whose shot crosses deceives Gallon using the post (1-1, 48th). of the match: Baptiste Santamaria (7.5/10) With the power play, it is obviously easier to recover the balls. But the defensive midfielder from Rennes completely suffocated the Trojans with a well-felt pressing. He also did not hesitate to project himself into a few offensive phases, hence his goal entering the surface. ad employ. He made important saves against Traor, Santamaria, Terrier and even Bourigeaud. Decisive interventions even if it must be recognized that his opponents have sometimes made it easier for him.Thierno Bald (7): with such athletic qualities, the right side is not easy to eliminate. Sulemana will be able to confirm since the former Parisian won all their duels with astonishing ease. He also launched a few counter-attacks. Replaced the 83rd by Renaud Ripart (no not). Jackson Porozo (6.5): Hard on the man and on the ball, the Uruguayan is not one to make the trip for nothing! He is the author of authoritarian interventions, sometimes late, and without taking the time to look at where his teammates were. At least it’s effective. Note an offensive header from a corner that he failed to frame. Erik Palmer-Brown (7): very solid, the American read the calls from the Rennes forwards well. It definitely got more complicated at the start of the second half. But he did better than resist in his duels. Yoann Salmier (2): While he was making a good start to the match, managing to defend as he advanced, the central defender was directly sent off for a sole on Majer. He thus left his team 10 in the 26th minute. Yasser Larouci (4): disciplined in defensive tasks, the left piston known for his qualities as a counter-attacker was discreet. Only an acceleration at the start of the second act slightly raised the level of his performance. Replaced in the 61st by Xavier Chavalerin (not noted), still as generous in the effort. And when he was no longer able to intervene, he did not hesitate to commit an anti-game foul, even if it meant collecting a yellow card.Rony Lopes (2): long feared for his percussion and the precision of his left foot, the winger loaned by FC Sville is very far from his best level. It never accelerated and made no difference. The LFP may grant him the decisive pass, but it was indeed a completely missed strike. Replaced in the 61st by Papa Ndiaga Yade (not noted), whose physical impact and audacity on the offensive phases have contributed enormously. Kouam N’Guessan (6.5): tireless in recovery, the midfielder is not no stranger to Rennes’ difficulties in the game. He also had the legs to project himself and relieve his team in the red in the second period. Florian Tardieu (7): technically comfortable, the Trojan captain was invaluable for his ability to pose foot on the ball. We do not forget either his defensive work, the image of his big comeback at the feet of Gouiri. Ike Ugbo (not rated): frustrating end of the match for the Canadian international. On one of his rare balls, he manages to open the scoring opportunistically. But a few minutes later, he was the victim of the necessary rebalancing after Salmier’s red card. Replaced the 34th by Adil Rami (6), little endangered despite the numerical inferiority. It must be said that the Rennais had difficulty approaching. And in the middle of a three defense, the former Marseillais was in good condition. Mama Bald (4): as often, the center forward of the team 10 against 11 is just chasing the ball. He especially received long crosses which left him little chance of winning the duels. Replaced in the 83rd by Wilson Odobert (not rated). RENNES: Steve Mandanda (5): in a situation comparable to a penalty, the Rennes goalkeeper had to anticipate Ugbo’s strike, without success. Apart from this action, he has almost nothing to do, except for an aerial exit where Chavalerin came to shake him up. Hamari Traor (7): rather shy at the start of the match, the right side has become one of the main facilitators from the red card. The captain turned into a winger and thanks to the combinations with Bourigeaud, his crosses put the Trojan defense in danger. He is also the origin of the goal of Santamaria.Joe Rodon (4): the least we can say is that the Welshman was not serene at the recovery, as evidenced by his ball losses . This is not ideal for a team looking to make a difference against a low block. And to make matters worse, he was dropped by the young Odobert at the end of the match. Arthur Theate (6): very little asked, the central defender tried to find shifts in the recovery, often in the direction of Truffert on the left side . He sometimes managed to break lines but his teammates never took advantage of it. Adrien Truffert (7): during the long minutes of passivity on the Rennes side, the left-back was one of the few, if not the only ram and ask deeply. It must be said that his direct opponent Rony Lopes was not a threat. Replaced the 69th by Birger Meling (not noted), much less prominent. Lovro Majer (4): available, the Croatian international has sometimes destabilized the Trojans with his ball shots. He also caused Salmier’s red card. But he tended to fall back systematically towards the axis, where his adversaries were waiting for him. Replaced in the 46th by Dsir Dou (6.5), whose energy brought a lot. His incessant calls and his irreproachable withdrawals allowed Rennes to settle very high and to create chances after returning from the locker room. We can nevertheless blame him for his head placed on the goalkeeper Gallon. Baptiste Santamaria (7.5): see comments above. Flavien Tait (3): little inspired ball at the foot, the former Angevin was often blocked in his attempts forward passes. There weren’t many solutions in the first period, but he didn’t do much to find them. Replaced the 46th by Kamaldeen Sulemana (3), who never managed to make the difference against the young Bald. He had to resolve to try crosses without necessarily eliminating his opponent. Benjamin Bourigeaud (4.5): finally extended, the middle was not disturbed by his future. This did not prevent him from having an unusual loss for a player of his level. He raised his level of play in the second period, especially in his combinations with Traor. But like Dou, close range, he makes a header that is too axial which allows Gallon to deflect the ball. Replaced the 87th by Lorenz Assignon (not noted). Amine Gouiri (4): for his first with Stade Rennais, the former Niois generally had to. He dropped a lot at the start of the match without necessarily making the game any smoother. He also lacked presence near the opposing goal even if he missed a good chance with a header. He is nevertheless involved in the action of the goal scored, and achieves a superb center on the head of Bourigeaud. Replaced the 69th by Matthis Abline (not noted). Martin Terrier (4): unsurprisingly, the Breton striker does not yet have an accomplice with the rookie Gouiri. Decisive passer for Santamaria, he is also involved in the Trojan goal with a bad return in the axis. Finally, he may regret his huge missed opportunity in the second period.+ Find the results and the Ligue 1 standings on Maxifoot And for you, who were the best and worst players of the match? Comment in the “comments” box below! TROYES 1-1 RENNES (mid-time: 1-0) – FRANCE – Ligue 1 / 6th day
Stadium: Stade de l’Aube, Troyes – Referee: Mathieu Vernice, FranceGoals: I. Ugbo (14th) for TROYES – B. Santamara (48th) for RENNES
Warnings: X. Chavalerin (72nd), G. Gallon (90+1st), Y. Salmier (26th), for TROYES – B. Santamara (42nd), B. Meling (71st), for RENNESTROYES: G. Gallon – J Porozo, E. Palmer-Brown, Y. Salmier – T. Bald (R. Ripart, 82nd), Y. Larouci (P. Yade, 61st) – Rony Lopes (X. Chavalerin, 61st), R. N’Guessan , F. Tardieu, I. Ugbo (A. Rami, 34th) – BaldRENNES: S. Mandanda – J. Rodon, A. Theate – H. Traor, A. Truffert (M. Abline, 69th) – L. Majer (B Meling, 46th), B. Santamara, F. Tait (K. Sulemana, 46th) – B. Bourigeaud, A. Gouiri (L. Assignon, 69th), M. Terrier
Ugbo opened the scoring in the 14th minute Santamaria revived Rennes in the second period (1-1, 48th) The Trojans showed solidarity An assistant referee suffered from discomfort before kick-off