The Višňovský team versus the Jágr team: The hockey legends of Slovakia and the Czech Republic faced off in Bratislava – Š

The captains of both teams, on the right Jaromír Jágr (Czech Republic) and on the left Ľubomír Višňovský (Slovakia) during the hockey exhibition Legends are back in Bratislava Source: TASR/Pavel Neubauer BRATISLAVA – Sunday’s hockey exhibition under the name “Legends are back” brought great entertainment to the actors in front of a sold-out audience of the Ondrej Nepel winter stadium. Jaromír Jágr’s team full of Czech players with NHL experience defeated Ľubomír Višňovský’s team 5:4. The match also had a charitable dimension, and the organizers donate part of the entrance fee to support children with handicaps. The legends showed their art. The hockey players also performed some technical feats that they still haven’t forgotten, and entertained the spectators in the audience. After the meeting, it was time for separate raids. They are the ones that amused the audience the most. The most beautiful goal was scored by Marián Hossa, who almost tore the net with a cannonball, but Jágr’s team also won the raids. Photo gallery (33) Source: TASR/Pavel Neubauer Captain Višňovský led the home team in an interesting exhibition match. The majority of the team was made up of players from Gothenburg’s successful championship in 2002. The Czech team was made up of the team that took part in the Olympic triumph in Nagano in 1998. However, it was also supplemented by current players. The meeting did not take place until the third attempt. The previous two, planned, for example also under the open sky in Špindlerův Mlyn, were canceled due to pandemic measures. The first goal was scored by the Czech team under the leadership of Jaromír Jágr, when Robert Reichel established himself. From the beginning, the visitors took the exhibition more seriously than the home team, and in the first period they were the only ones to score. In the 9th minute, Jaroslav Bednář scored the second goal of “Team Jágr” and Jiří Tlustý scored the third. Goalkeeper Ján Lašák caught several chances of the opponent. Photo gallery (33) Source: TASR/Pavel Neubauer The Czech team started with a goal in the second period as well, when it scored its second accurate shot in the match against Bednář. The spectators at the Bratislava stadium shouted a goal for the first time only in the 31st minute after Tomáš Tatar’s finish. The Slovak team then added three more precise hits in a short sequence. First, Peter Puchel enjoyed Petr Mrázek, and then Michal Handzuš and Žigmund Pálffy prevailed. However, Jágra’s team took the lead again after a precise shot by Pavel Brendel. In the 38th minute, the spectators saw the first foul of the Czech team. After the agreement of both teams, a separate raid followed, but Handzuš did not convert. The last third brought brisk hockey on both sides. The captain of the guests, Jaromír Jágr, was close to the goal, but the goalkeeper Karol Križan pushed his attack onto the post. In the third part, the audience did not see any accurate intervention. Team Višňovský – Team Jagr 4:5 (0:3, 4:2, 0:0)
Goals: 31. Tatar (Vaic, Sekera), 34. Pucher (Nagy, Marián Hossa), 34. Handzuš (Gáborík, Marián Hossa), 35. Pálffy (Stümpel) – 2. Reichel (Voráček, Tlustý), 9. Bednář (Brendl, Pilař), 14. Tlustý (Voráček, Židlický), 26. Bednář (Prochádzka, Židlický), 37. Brendl (Klíma, Krajíček) Team Višňovský: Lašák (30. Križan) – Višňovský, Podhradský, Lintner, Čierny, Sekeráš, Štrbák, Sekera – Gáborík, Pálffy, Stümpel, Zedník, Marián Hossa, Marcel Hossa, Nagy, Handzuš, Kopecký, Uram, Vaic, Pucher, Pavlikovský, Tatar. Coaches: Filc, Pokovič Team Jágr: Pavelec (30. Mrázek) – Krajíček, Prochádzka, Pilař, Židlický, Jaroslav Nedvěd, Hronek – Jágr, Eliáš, Voráček, Irgl, Tlusty, Reichel, Varaďa, Bednář, Klíma, Brendl, Výborný. Trainer: Ručinský Photo gallery for the article Number of photos: 33 Author: © Video list: JOJ Šport Source: TASR