Lolita breaks when she receives a surprise from her son Guillermo Furiase – Ten Minutes

A few days after having fired a great friend, Lolita has broken on the set of ‘Let yourself be loved’. Between tears and laughter, the singer was moved by the surprise that the program had in store for her and that she least expected from her: her son, Guillermo de Ella. The musician is also not used to the spotlight, much less to launching emotional messages, so his presence has completely upset his mother. At the moment in which Lolita discovered that the one sitting on the other side of the wall was her son, she could not contain the tears of emotion. “Oh my God, if he doesn’t like these things,” she said between smiles, “I’m at the age of a heart attack, son, what are you going to tell me?” The singer joked, barely letting Guillermo speak. “We live together and we always see each other, but you work a lot and you call me and I tell you that you are very heavy and leave me alone, but it is just a mask that I wear …”, his son began. Telecinco After that, Guillermo continued with a message that completely broke the singer: “If I’m strong it’s thanks to you. You know I always tell you ‘I love you’ looking to the side, but now I want to tell you in front of all these people. I am your biggest fan as a person, as an artist, as a mother… thank you for answering the phone at any time, for putting up with the noise I make at so many, for getting angry when you are right… You are very important to me, and to my life. And now that you have two wonderful grandchildren of whom I am an uncle, don’t forget that you are also a mother”. lives together, and confessed what it meant for her to have him in her life: “For me it is a pride to have given birth to you, and that I did not want because things were already fatal with your father. But thank God who enlightened me to have you because you and your sister you are the most beautiful thing in my life”. And it is that, as she confessed in the interview, she took refuge in her children and at work after the death of her mother and her brother: “I went crazy, my two children saved me.” Telecinco Likewise, Lolita has confessed that although her son is not given to showing signs of affection, he has given her some very significant ones: “One day he came with 3 little glasses, he woke me up, hugged me and said ‘mom, I don’t want you to never die’, I told him ‘someday I’ll have to go’, and he said ‘well yes, but the day you die, leave me your pillows’. He didn’t ask me for jewels or diamonds, he asked what I hug, what he has my essence… It was the best show of affection he could give me.” Taking advantage of public visibility, Lolita has once again supported her son’s solo career: “Before I leave, I would like to see you succeed by filling stadiums.” he confessed, something that is costing Guillermo because “the surname that I carry with pride there are people who regret it, but everything will come”. “He knows that it is difficult. He has seen me when I have been three months that they did not even call me to insult me, I have had to ask for credits… The life of the artist, at least mine, is not a bed of roses… they have lived it with me. Reality is not disguised in my house”. In Diez Minutos we inform you about the latest news from the heart and the monarchy and about your favorite reality shows, series, soap operas and television programs.