Argentina: a “legionella bacterium” causing pneumonia which killed four people – franceinfo

Four people died in less than a week, and a total of eleven people were infected. The medical community was intrigued by these cases. Article written by Published on 03/09/2022 21:37 Reading time: 1 min. Medical authorities are fixed. A Legionella bacterium is the cause of pneumonia that has killed four people since the start of the week in Tucuman, in northwestern Argentina, Health Minister Carla Vizzotti announced on Saturday (September 3). These cases intrigued the local medical community. The agent that caused the outbreak of bilateral pneumonia “is legionella,” the minister said at a press conference in Tucuman, adding that the specific type of legionella is being qualified. Four people have died since Monday, and a total of eleven cases have been identified, centered around a private clinic in Tucuman. Eight cases among the members of the nursing staff have been identified, with symptoms appearing between August 18 and 23, explained at a press conference, the provincial Minister of Health, Luis Medina Ruiz. Two members of the nursing staff at the private clinic in San Miguel de Tucuman, located 1,300 km from Buenos Aires, died on Monday and Wednesday. Share: Share on Twitter Share on Facebook Share by email Share link