NEWS Disaster in Havířov: Carousel fall and injured children, rescue services and ambulances are on the scene! –

archival video The fall of the chain carousel occurred during the Havířov celebrations in the local amusement park. Five crews of the medical emergency service and a rescue helicopter intervened on the spot. The condition of the injured persons was not immediately known. According to the server, the upper part of the structure with the seats broke off from the carousel during the ride. It was probably a more extreme version of the chain carousel, on which the structure rose to a height of approximately 15 meters. According to witnesses, a torn-off part of the carousel from such a height fell on the cash registers and destroyed them; According to them, several victims suffered broken legs. The police announced that they would check who was the owner of the carousel, whether he had permission to operate it, who was operating the attraction at the time of the accident and what was its technical condition. ‼️ At least 12 people were injured, including children, in an accident involving a chain carousel at the Havířovské festivities. The information was brought by Polar TV and, referring to witnesses, it adds that several carousel seats should have been torn off on the spot. The police spokesman talks about the possible overturning of the attraction. — ČT24 (@CT24zive) September 3, 2022