TV audiences: prime time, JT … TF1 already affected by the Canal + cut – Le Parisien

The consequences were quick and without appeal. The channels of the TF 1 group were very affected from this Friday after the cut of their signal in the offers of Canal +. And this translates directly to the flagship of the program schedule… the television news. The 20 Hours of the first channel presented by Anne-Claire Coudray gathered 4.27 million viewers, or a market share of 23% according to the site of Médiamétrie. A very low score which made the good days of France 2, since the newspaper of Thomas Sotto passes in front by gathering 4.81 million people, that is to say a market share of 26.2%. For the evening, France 2 can be happy to have, in addition, kept its first place in prime time. Season 3 of her detective series, “Astrid and Raphaëlle” led by Sara Mortensen and Lola Dewaere, was watched by 5.02 million viewers on average, i.e. a market share of 27.2%, and 14.5 % of women responsible for purchases under the age of fifty, targeted by advertisers. It’s even better than last week, when the launch was followed by 4.86 million viewers, or 28.6% of the public in front of their small screen. Still impacted by the cut of Canal +, TF 1 and its show “The 50 favorite programs of the French” gathered 2.30 million people, 11.9% of people. This is less than the previous week when “Le Grand Concours” presented by Arthur made 2.62 million French people laugh. M 6 landed on the third step of the podium with the film “Mia and the White Lion”. This film with Mélanie Laurent transported 1.67 million people from a family audience.