A love story with a happy ending: What prevented Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck from sealing their love in a big way? – Feminity.sk

A couple that dispels the myth that you don’t have to step into the same river twice. Despite the obstacles, they finally found their way back to each other and both are beaming with happiness. Some things can be forever, but that doesn’t mean that they just go in a straight line. Likeable Hollywood beauty, successful actress, mom and woman who inspires – Jennifer Lopez, is living one of the happiest times of her life. Her film and music career is at its peak, she is reaping one success after another, she has beautiful healthy children, and besides, she has finally found her soulmate. Although they say you never step into the same river twice, that’s certainly not the case with Jenn. “It’s a beautiful love story that we got a second chance. I feel so happy, lucky and proud to be with him,” the well-known actress and now wife of actor Ben Affleck begins her story for People magazine. Read: Not even huge fame separated them. Movie Wonder Woman can be proud of a sample relationship After the couple, who dated from 2002 to 2004, called off their engagement, they finally found their way to each other anyway. However, while they admitted to the public that they were trying again side by side, they kept the sweet secret to themselves at first. They were afraid that something could go wrong again through media coverage. “Before we put our relationship out there, we were naive and kind of let it go. But now we’re so happy and we don’t want any of that to happen again. We’re older, wiser, more experienced, at different places in our lives. . Now we have children and we are well aware of these things.” Seeing that Jennifer really appreciates the second chance their love has been given. “It’s beautiful when I feel completely different than I did years ago… It’s more recognition and support, which is nice. When you find someone and you really love them and you get a second chance? That’s such a rare, beautiful thing, and we don’t consider it a matter of course.” What prevented Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck from sealing their love in a big way? Although the actress realizes that bringing children into any new relationship can be difficult, she believes that they can handle this too. “I honestly believe that love rules all. Love always conquers all – relationships, children, work, work relationships. It’s all about loving, opening up and accepting. When you’re in a good and healthy relationship, everyone benefits. Everyone .” She herself said that she greatly admires her husband’s transformation journey. What once divided them no longer exists. “I’m so proud of him, so proud of the man he’s become that I’ve watched from afar. Being honest with yourself, loving yourself, that’s just the basis of everything. Real-life fairy tales can be a tricky thing. But today I can to teach that true love exists. Some things may be forever, but that doesn’t mean they just go straight.” Read: Jennifer Aniston’s beauty and success secret: Only when I understood that nothing in life is free did I find myself They are made for each other, that’s how they feel