Development of battles (190th day): Waiting for news from Kherson was interrupted by the Russians with a bizarre story about the landing near Enerhodar – Diary N

How the Ukrainians are doing near Kherson. The Russians want to start again in Donbass. Russian mystery in Enerhodar. Bayraktar is back. Maps of the day – battlefields in Donbass and near Kherson Videos of the day – close combat in Pisk; A Russian in Slovakia explains to Putin’s fans that they are wrong; successful Bayraktar attacks; The Russians destroy the abandoned Ukrainian tanks – once by an infantryman with a grenade, the second time by a drone; a direct hit is not necessary to destroy armored vehicles – the fate of the Russian BMP. Turn on the subscription to the series about the development of the fighting in Ukraine with one click. Even today, we bring a summary of the situation on the battlefield compiled from information from various ministries of defense and independent analysts. The information in this text is a summary of the results of the fights for Thursday, September 1st. The current situation in some places may already be different. An overview of confirmed losses is at the end of the article. Russian mystery in Enerhodar. On Thursday, Vladimir Putin again changed his explanation for why he is fighting in Ukraine. He declared that the reason is “the anti-Russian enclave that has arisen there.” Just as bizarre as this reasoning were the events near the town of Enerhodar on the eastern bank of the Dnipro, where foreign observers were headed to the Zaporizhia nuclear power plant there. Their arrival was accompanied by events that bear the hallmarks of a Russian disinformation operation. The visit of the observers was necessitated by confusing events. Russia has demonstrably deployed its soldiers, including heavy equipment, at the power plant. According to the Ukrainian army and the testimonies of locals from its area, it is firing on Ukrainian positions. Russia, on the other hand, accuses Ukraine of shooting at the power plant and threatening a nuclear accident. It is impossible to determine from the table who is shooting at the area. The power plant is strategic for both sides. Despite the occupation, it is still connected to the Ukrainian energy system. The Russians would like to disconnect it from it and connect it to theirs. Of course, the Ukrainians do not want to allow this. Thus, both parties have motives to behave with great risk. On the day international inspectors were due to arrive at the site, Russia announced that the Ukrainian army had attacked across the Dnipro River and landed 60 soldiers on the Russian-held east bank. The Russians claim that their aim was to prevent the arrival of inspectors. Russian combat helicopters flew over Enerhodar, tanks and other equipment raced through the city. The proof should have represented This article is exclusive content for Denník N subscribers. Are you a subscriber? Log in