Last minute and reactions to the attack against Cristina Fernández de Kirchner in Argentina

A man tried to assassinate the vice president of Argentina. This is what we know On Thursday night, outside the building where Vice President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner lives, in the city of Buenos Aires, a man tried to attack the Vice President with a firearm. The incident occurred during one of the vigils that have been taking place outside the house for several days while the hearings for the so-called Vialidad case are taking place, in which a prosecutor has requested 12 years in prison, accused of aggravated illicit association as a boss and aggravated fraudulent administration, accusations that she considers respond to political persecution. The Federal Police of Argentina reported that they arrested a man. The weapon used in the failed assassination attempt on the Argentine vice president was a .380-caliber pistol with five bullets, according to the Ministry of Security. The suspect was detained by the Argentine Federal Police and has been identified as a citizen of Brazilian origin named Fernando Andre Sabag Montiel, according to the state news agency Télam. Previously, Telam had identified the suspect as Fernando Andrés Zabak.