Pogba affair: Mbappé would have called the Pioche to ask for an explanation on the marabout – 20 Minutes

What had to happen happened. According to RTL and M6, Kylian Mbappé got in touch with Paul Pogba to find out more about the story of maraboutage mentioned in the context of the revelations promised by Mathias Pogba. Mixed up despite himself in this dark family story, the Parisian striker called his teammate, a conversation whose content remains secret for the time being. The PSG star also spoke to the elder Pogba. According to the Mbappé clan, quoted by RTL, the two brothers said “what they could and wanted to say”. The Juve midfielder, who has already denied the rumor, is accused by his brother Mathias of having cast a spell on Kylian Mbappé. He says he has audio evidence that he threatens to broadcast to harm his little brother. A lunar affair followed very carefully by the staff of the France team, a few months before the 2022 World Cup.