Second FAREWELL to Hanka Zagorová (†75): This is how she looked –

The fans said goodbye to Hana Zagorová twice. On Tuesday at 2 p.m., a funeral mass was held in the church of St. Tomáš on Mala Strana. Touching moments brought tears to the eyes of dozens of well-known personalities present. Many of them, such as Ivana Gottová, could not even speak about the dead. It was Ivana, who buried her husband Karel Gott († 80) three years ago, who understood very well the pain and suffering of the abused widower. This is probably also why she provided Štefan Margit with her chauffeured van, which took him and his closest relatives to the place of his last farewell. Public farewell to the late Czech singer Hana Zagorová in the Kalich Theater in Prague. Source: KAROL FARKAŠ When the coffin was taken out of the church and loaded into the hearse, he stood by it for a long time with tears in his eyes and could not tear himself away from it. They had to take him away. It was taken over by Jiřina Bohdalová, Lucie Borhyová, Ivana Gottová and Lucie Bílá. After the death of Hanka Zagorová, the widower admitted that when she was dying and holding her in his arms, he only thought with pain that he could not live without her. The second farewell was held on Wednesday. Crowds of fans were already standing in front of the Kalich Theater from ten o’clock. A huge queue also formed during the farewell to Káj Gott in Prague’s Žofín Palace in October 2019. From 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. the singer’s coffin was displayed on the stage of the Kalich Theater in Prague. People of all generations came to say goodbye to the singer, many with flowers. While waiting in line, a group of women passed the time by listening to Zagorová’s songs on their mobile phones. In the packed theater, where there were many wreaths and flowers, the organizers gave instructions to those present to smoothly pass around the coffin placed on the stage, on which there was also a large photo of Zagorová. After the farewell from the theater, floral gifts will be taken to an improvised place of worship near the entrance to the Vyšehrad cemetery, where they will be placed until September 3. It was at the Kalich Theater that years ago the singer nodded at the offer to play in the musical Jack the Ripper. It was her first stage musical role.
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