Russia launches large military exercises with China – 20 Minutes

Like football matches, shows of force sometimes take place outside. This is the case for China this Thursday, which is participating in the launch of major military maneuvers from Moscow to Russia, in full tension with the United States. These exercises, dubbed Vostok-2022 (Orient-2022), are due to take place until September 7 in the Russian Far East and come as Russia has been waging a massive offensive against Ukraine since February. side, has been going through a diplomatic crisis with the United States since the visit to Taiwan last month by the speaker of the American House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi. The Vostok-2022 drills kicked off Thursday morning with combat aircraft maneuvers, anti-aircraft unit moves and mine clearance simulations in the Sea of ​​Japan, the Russian Defense Ministry said. Combat aviation crews will have to train in the interception of air targets (…) and conduct air strikes on ground targets,” the ministry said in a statement. He published photos and videos showing in particular military planes taking off and flying in formation, as well as Pantsir-S1 anti-aircraft vehicles maneuvering. According to Moscow, more than 50,000 soldiers, more than 5,000 pieces of armament and military equipment, including 140 aircraft and 60 war and support ships will be mobilized during these exercises. Soldiers from several border countries or allies of Russia, such as Belarus, Syria, India, but especially China, participate. A rapprochement that worries the United States Washington regularly worries about the rapprochement between China and the Russia, which maintains close defense ties, believing that this endangers global security. In confirming its participation in the exercises in mid-August, China had affirmed that its presence was “unrelated to the current situation at the level regional and international.