Iberia Express and Ryanair strikes leave 234 delays and six cancellations – Alava News

The Iberia Express and Ryanair cabin crew (TCP) strikes have caused this Thursday a total of 234 delays and six cancellations jointly, as reported by the unions. In the case of Iberia Express, the airline preventively canceled six flights scheduled for today not protected by the Minimum Services Resolution. Specifically, there are three routes, round trip, one in Gran Canaria, one in Palma de Mallorca and another in Santiago de Compostela. As for delays, the airline has registered two, one in Tenerife North and one in Madrid. On its side, Ryanair has recorded 232 delays, but no cancellations. The main airport affected this Monday was Palma de Mallorca, with 51 delays (28 departures and 23 arrivals), followed by Barcelona, ​​with 44 (18 departures and 26 arrivals), Madrid, with 29 delays (11 departures and 18 arrivals) and Valencia, with 26 delays (12 departures and 13 arrivals). This afternoon, the Irish airline has confirmed that its 3,000 daily flights this week have not been affected by the Spanish cabin crew (TCP) strike, called by USO and Sitcpla until January 7. In a statement, the airline has described the strike of both unions as “unsuccessful” and “little supported”, while “CC.OO. continues its negotiations with Ryanair, offering better terms and conditions for most of the crew of Spanish cabin of the company”.