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Who is Piqué’s new partner after breaking up with Shakira? – Ten minutes


More than two months have passed since Gerard Piqué and Shakira confirmed that they were going their separate ways. A statement that came after a week of rumors of infidelity by the footballer who could have had an affair during his marriage. From this moment we live two very different ways of dealing with the separation focused on the future that each one wants to build after signing the divorce papers. For her part, Shakira, as confirmed by Carlos Vives, is “sad, it is a very difficult and good time, when one has such a beautiful family…”; while Piqué seems to have rebuilt his life with a co-worker, as pointed out by The Sun, a British newspaper that has even given a name to the new illusion of the Catalan defender. “She is a student who also works for him in his office, organizing events,” says journalist Simon Boyle. Getty Images The British newspaper has identified the young woman, named Clara, putting her face in the magazine, after which she has deleted all her photographs from her social networks, making it clear that she prefers to remain anonymous and prevent them from being used by the media. communication. However, Boyle has highlighted that the couple “has been secretly dating for the past few months with a student who works for him.” It is a completely different profile from Shakira, who was already world famous at the time she began her relationship with Piqué. A love that today has been broken and of which there are still pending issues such as the future of the family because the Colombian wants to move to Miami with her children, something that the soccer player does not approve of. In Diez Minutos we inform you about the latest news from the heart and the monarchy and about your favorite reality shows, series, soap operas and television programs. This content is created and maintained by a third party, and imported onto this page to help users provide their email addresses. You may be able to find more information about this and similar content at



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