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LIVE – Nice: Rivère thought of replacing Galtier with Favre even before the arrival of PSG – RMC Sport


18:32Rivère on the Nice transfer window “I’m going to ask you for advice on our recruitment (laughs).”There will be no player to follow Galtier in Paris? “No, it won’t be possible. (Door closed even for Thuram?) Of course. We won’t sell our best players this season.” 6:30 p.m. River on the departure of Fournier “There may have been tensions around Julien Fournier , now there are no more. Projects are the choices of men and everyone must want to continue the adventure.” 6:29 p.m. River on the future of Fournier in Nice “He will accompany us during the transfer window ” It’s clear. I have respect for him and if the club is here today, he is a major player. His future, he will see what he does with it. He will not be alone on recruitment, we will work in a collegial way. The constraint is financial fair play. The limit of Ineos’ investment is financial fair play. Yes, we have an ambitious project and we want to make it happen. e that Nice becomes a successful and innovative club. I expressed some things that I think and that we could build a different project. Afterwards there were concomitant things and it’s perfect for everyone.” 6:19 pm River on a possible agreement with PSG for Galtier “We discussed with PSG. As far as we are concerned, there is no obstacle between Paris and Christophe. I thank Christophe for his visit to Nice. The season didn’t end as well as we wanted, but that’s football.” 6:17 p.m. River on the return of Favre “Yes, he would have been contacted no matter what (even if PSG were not came to get Galtier). It is a strategic choice. Once again, Christophe I have a very good relationship with him. A lot happened at the end of the year and I thought it was a good time to do something different. It is a strategy, an option that has been taken. I’m glad everything is going well for everyone. Christophe has an opportunity, even if it’s not yet done at PSG, unique in the life of a coach. I’m happy for him because he’s someone I really like. In the best of all possible worlds, we wanted to take Lucien Favre.” 6:13 p.m. President Rivère reacts to Favre’s return to RMCGuest of the show Rothen ignites on RMC this Monday, President Rivère returned to the arrival of Lucien Favre Nice.” It is a great pleasure because I have already spent two years with him on a human level. Beyond the human, sportingly he gave pleasure to our supporters. The owners of Ineos have carried out an audit, they are listening and the return of Lucien Favre is part of this project with them.”4:49 p.m. I liked this stadium, it was magnificent. I loved that. There was a good communion between us and the supporters. I’m looking forward to seeing the supporters.” 4:48 p.m. Favre on the goalkeeper post Favre: “I’m watching, I’m going to watch over the next 10 days. Bulka gave me a good impression, but we have to take another goalkeeper.” 16:47 River on Julien Fournier: “Julien has a future perhaps elsewhere than at OGC Nice” River: “The tensions are part of the life of a club. Afterwards, it’s not really the things we like. Julien has a future perhaps elsewhere than at OGC Nice.” 4:45 p.m. What role for Favre in recruitment? that. I like to discuss, give less point of view and then we decide.” 4:43 p.m. Gouiri and Thuram will stay, that’s for sure. Todibo too. They will stay.””It is important to control the transfer periods, one or two players can make a huge difference in a team.”16:40Favre reaffirms his ambitionsFavre: “Within two years, the objective is to finish in the top three… and even more! I assume. You have to tell the truth, that’s the goal.” 4:38 p.m. What is the difference between Favre in 2016 and today? I’m always trying to improve, that’s what I keep doing. You have to listen to other people. After five years of work, I took a break, I have already done this four times. You always have to analyze things and adapt to the evolution of football.” 16:36 Favre on the quality of the current groupFavre: “There are good players in this club, a good mentality from what I have seen on the first drive. It was very interesting this morning, I saw a lot of positive things.” 4:35 pm Big names in Nice? River: “In football, you have a word that blocks a lot of things: financial fair play. We have this constraint so we will try to do the maximum while remaining within the constraints. We have a powerful group, but there is a limit. So they’re not big names. We want to make Nice a successful club at all levels, it will take time. We’re not talking about big names, we’re talking about doing things intelligently. 4:33 p.m. Favre relaunched on the transfer window and his links with Julien Fournier to make the right decision. It must also be intuitive. (…) Transfer periods are crucial, summer and winter alike.”16:29Rivère sur Galtier: “We pretty much know Christophe’s destination”Rivère: contacts with Lucien, there have always been some, even last year. I have always had affection for him and it is a game that I like to see. I was very happy to have Christophe as a coach. This year, I told myself that we had a chance in 100 (of bringing Favre) and that did it.” “We know about Christophe’s destination, they still have a few details to I want him to have the best season possible, it’s a fantastic opportunity.”16:27Favre on the next transfer windowFavre: “There will certainly s transfers, it’s crucial.” 16:27 Favre: “Finish regularly in the top three” Favre: “It’s an advantage to know certain people. I worked with Jean-Pierre, it was very important to know these people. Ineos is huge! Within two years, Nice must ensure that they progress, do great things in the transfer period and finish regularly in the top three. 16:25 Did Favre expect to come back? is open, but it’s something special to come back here. It went well in 2016-2018, on a sporting and human level. I met a lot of people with whom I kept in regular contact. He there was another club, then there was OGC Nice and I didn’t hesitate. What Ineos does is very interesting, what they want to build is very important. At the human level, it’s also very nice to come to a club like that, I have kept in touch with a lot of people. I like this human side.”16:22Rivère: “A new page is turning”Rivère: “A new page is turning. I am very happy to have Lucien Favre with us. There hasn’t been a lot of information lately, you had the impression that we were in the dark, absolutely not. We have proposed a different strategy to the shareholder, we wanted to find the DNA of the club, to have a good game, to have fun and for OGC Nice to be recognizable beyond its jersey. this introductory press conference! Lucien Favre and Jean-Pierre Rivère present themselves to the media. 3:47 p.m. Jim Ratcliffe’s open letter to supporters an open letter published on the club’s website. “As owners of INEOS, we are more committed than ever to OGC Nice and this project. We can all see the potential ahead and are excited for the challenge ahead. We do not take your support for granted for a minute and we also know how important it is for everyone at the Club as we enter this new chapter”, he wrote in particular, also welcoming the arrival of Lucien. Favre. 3:27 p.m. The club formalizes the arrival of Favre and the departure of Galtier, who is increasingly close to PSGA After leading the first training session during the resumption on Monday morning, Lucien Favre was officially appointed coach of OGC Nice. Back on the bench of the Aiglons four years after his departure, the Swiss succeeds Christophe Galtier, who should take control of PSG.>> More info15:26Hello to allWelcome to our site and our application to follow live and in full OGC Nice press conference (4 p.m.).


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