War in Ukraine, live: intense street fighting in Sievierodonetsk but the Ukrainians “hold on”, says Volodymyr Zelensky – Le Monde

https://assets-decodeurs.lemonde.fr/redacweb/ukraine-cartes-infographie/derniere-maj-ukraine-avancee-russe.png https://assets-decodeurs.lemonde.fr/redacweb/ukraine-cartes-infographie /last-maj-ukraine-avancee-russe.png 30 The situation on the map Agrandir The context Live animated by Marie Slavicek and Alexandre Priam Cover image: A Ukrainian soldier loading an artillery unit, an M777 Howitzer, near from the front line, in the Donetsk region. June 6, 2022. STRINGER / REUTERS The contributions of this live follow-up are activated between 9 am and 9 pm, Paris time. Ukrainian forces “hold on” in Sievierodonetsk, but the Russians are “more numerous and more powerful there”, so that the situation is “difficult” on the eastern front, Volodymyr Zelensky told reporters in kyiv. “The main efforts of the enemy are focused” on an attempt to completely seize this industrial center and to “block” Ukrainian troops in the neighboring region of Lyssychansk, the Ukrainian army said in the evening. “Our soldiers keep control of Sievierodonetsk, the fighting continues in its eastern part,” she added in her statement. Regional governor Serhi Haidai had earlier stressed that the situation had “worsened” for the Ukrainians , in spite of a counter-attack which made it possible to take back half of this city. Its mayor, Oleksandre Striouk, for his part told the UNIAN press agency that “the situation was changing every hour” and that “intense street fighting” was underway, as well as an “artillery duel “. According to Mr. Gaïdaï, the bombardments have further intensified on Sievierodonetsk and Lyssytchansk, a locality located on “the heights” and strategic for “holding the line of defense”. The Ukrainian president in the Donbass. Volodymyr Zelensky visited the Ukrainian troops on the front line in the east of the country, where the war is raging, on Sunday June 5, he announced in a video posted on social networks. “We were in Lyssytchansk, we were in Soledar,” said the leader, who visited command posts in these localities near Sievierodonetsk. He also traveled to Zaporizhia, where he met Mariupol residents who managed to flee. Zaporizhia Oblast is said to be 60% controlled by the Russian army. According to its military governor, Oleksandr Staroukh, the region of south-eastern Ukraine is mainly in the hands of Moscow forces. In Sievierodonetsk, each camp has claimed progress on the ground during the last twenty-four hours. The Russian Defense Ministry said on Saturday that Ukrainian military units were withdrawing from the city, “having suffered critical losses in the fighting”. Ukrainian forces responded by saying they were seeking to regain full control of the city, before Luhansk region governor Serhi Haidai claimed control of half of Sievierodonetsk on Sunday evening. kyiv by surprise. The Ukrainian capital, which was resuming a semblance of normal life, was hit at dawn on Sunday by several Russian bombardments, the first since the end of April. “I heard about six explosions at 5:57 a.m.,” Natalia, 72, who was awakened by the shelling, told Agence France-Presse. One injured person was hospitalized, kyiv Mayor Vitali Klitschko announced on Telegram. continue to bombard the occupied territories and the positions of the Ukrainian army”, ensured the Ukrainian presidency, which warned of an increasingly likely humanitarian crisis in the areas controlled by the Russians. Still in the South, kyiv reported on the hitting of an agricultural enterprise in the large port of Odessa with a Russian cruise missile. According to initial information, the attack claimed two victims. In Mykolaiv, the mayor of the city reported the death of at least three civilians after a Russian bombardment. The United Kingdom will supply new rocket launchers to Ukraine. Following Washington, the British Ministry of Defense announced on Monday that it would provide Ukraine with rocket launchers with a range of 80 kilometers to counter the Russian offensive. These multiple rocket launcher systems (M270) will “significantly increase the capabilities of the Ukrainian forces”, the ministry said in a statement. Macron, not to “humiliate” Russia, judging that this position could only “humiliate France”. supporting Sweden and Finland before they joined NATO, aboard the Kearsarge, the largest US warship to ever dock in Stockholm harbour. Find our live from yesterday here. Read all our articles, analyzes and reports on the war in Ukraine Factual. One of the main Ukrainian monasteries hit by strikes in the Donbass Testimonies. Ukrainian and Russian exiles in France: “We are preparing our departure for Boston. I would like to stay in France but we don’t speak the language” Decryption. Vladimir Putin’s promises to facilitate the export of Ukrainian wheat to Africa Report. Donbass: Sievierodonetsk, cut off from the world, is sinking Interview. “Ukrainians want to go home, but they are afraid that everything will change again overnight”

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