Apple presents iOS 16: here are the new functions coming to iPhone

The brand has unveiled the operating system that will arrive in the fall on the iPhone. With the emphasis on personalization. On June 6, Apple took advantage of its annual conference dedicated to developers to unveil iOS 16, the new version of the operating system for iPhone. Particularly rich in new features, iOS 16 will be available free of charge for all iPhones in the fall, and will be integrated into the iPhone 14. The main development presented by Apple concerns the customization of the locked screen. While the brand has often wanted to limit the possibilities to protect the harmony of iOS, it is now letting go of the ballast. A fully customizable screen On the upper part of the screen, the user will now be able to customize the appearance of his photos, for example through filters, but also to make them more integrated with other elements. For example, the time display will slip behind the top of the subject’s head, for a rendering that is reminiscent of those of magazines (or what is offered on the Apple Watch) .The aesthetic choices of users will be reinforced by the possibility of changing the font of the time, but also the color of the text. An evolution which is far from being a technical revolution, but which contrasts with the historical conservatism of Apple vis-a-vis Android.Apple also evolves the lower part of the locked screen, where the notifications now come, present much more high since the very first versions of iOS. A new option, very inspired by widgets, is appearing, to follow the evolution of certain applications live from the locked screen. Among the examples cited: the arrival of a taxi, information related to a sporting exercise, or even the reading of a piece of music.Edit messages sent too quicklyIMessage © DRSon iOS 16, Apple is also upgrading its iMessage, with a novelty probably eagerly awaited by users: the possibility of modifying or deleting a message sent, at any time. Provided that the recipient has not yet seen it, of course. To simplify exchanges between users, Apple now includes the possibility of accessing the keyboard during a voice dictation, to correct the text on the fly. The company also presented an option taking advantage of artificial intelligence systems, to automatically clip the central element of an image. For example, to send the image of a dog on a white background, in iMessage. personal, including vis-à-vis his or her spouse. A tool called “Safety check”, which can be activated in a few seconds, will immediately suspend the sharing of certain data with other devices, such as its geolocation. All access to messages is also blocked, and Apple IDs are reset. Conversely, iOS 16 will benefit from additional functions for parental control purposes. A screen thus makes it possible to view all the applications to which children have access, but also, for parents, to access their location in real time.

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