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He could not prevent the collision, but… SHOCKING VERSION after the fatal accident Vaška (43) from Lunetic: He faces 6 YEARS OF PRISON! –


A terrible car accident happened on Saturday night at a gas station in Mladá Boleslav. A 40-year-old man ran across the road on the 44th kilometer of the D10 motorway in the direction of Turnov. “A pedestrian, born in 1982, was crossing a highway, where he was first hit by a car in the left lane. Due to the impact, the body was thrown into the right lane, where another vehicle passed it, “the Czech Police described the fateful moments. The first car belonged to Vašek Jelínek from the Lunetic group. However, the initial information was clear – the fault is certainly not on his side, in addition, the breath tests were to be negative for both drivers. Gradually, however, new information is coming to the public, which fundamentally changes the whole situation. The singer had to inflate values ​​up to 0.4 per mille during repeated breath rehearsals. The well-known Czech was immediately revoked’s driver’s license … Well, that would probably be the slightest problem. As the car accident he was involved in had fatal consequences, he faces a much more severe punishment. This is despite the fact that it almost certainly did not cause it. Tolerance in the case of alcohol is zero in our western neighbors, so the whole case has become significantly more complicated. “The presence of alcohol in the blood is a very unpleasant complication for the driver, I assume that a forensic expert will be called. If he says that even this relatively small amount of alcohol had an effect on the driver’s reaction, then I do not rule out criminal prosecution, “said lawyer JUDr. Jan Cerny. The singer is thus at real risk of 1 to 6 years in prison. The mentioned per mille value that Vašek inflated could be equal to approximately two 10-degree beers. But while it may seem like a negligible amount of alcohol, according to a reputable psychiatrist, it affects the mind. “Even at low levels, there is a tendency to take risks. The driver estimates the distance worse and does more difficult things at once. At the level of 0.5 per mille, it reacts more slowly, has problems in corners and its concentration decreases, “he told Whether Jelínek could have prevented the tragic collision will probably be determined by a forensic expert. If it turns out that his reactions have been affected by alcohol, he will most likely be charged with a criminal offense – especially negligent execution. At that time, however, the fact that the singer provided first aid to the betrayed man could weigh in determining his final punishment. This is the one that could ease his final punishment. He could not prevent the collision, but… SHOCKING VERSION after the fatal accident Vaška (43) from Lunetic: He faces 6 YEARS OF PRISON!

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