An unprecedented paradox has already arrived at Slovak pumps. “Oilers” should point out –

Slovak motorists have to get used to the new reality. The price of diesel has exceeded the price of petrol. This is despite the fact that excise duty is lower on diesel. Analysts say it is not just a transient phenomenon, but a new standard. Gasoline is more expensive than diesel. This has been true in Slovakia for many years and no one even thought that it could be otherwise. Until now. For several weeks now, we have seen a trend that the gap between the two commodities is narrowing. At the beginning of the year it was about ten cents, later it shrunk to only one to two cents. The card was turned over this week. At several petrol stations, you will pay more for diesel than for petrol. Although this is only a small difference, according to analysts, we should get used to this change. “Currently, this will probably not be a temporary phenomenon and we can prepare for the fact that diesel will be more expensive than gasoline for a long time,” said analyst František Burda. There are several reasons for this. The price of diesel has risen despite the fact that excise duties are lower than for petrol. There are several reasons why this paradox is happening. “Demand for diesel has reached new all-time highs last year and is still growing dynamically. It is not just the war in Ukraine that is behind it, but the already high gas prices, which have made production more expensive for refineries and reduced production much, ”said Stanislav Pánis, an analyst at J&T Banka. In addition, there is a shortage of light, low-sulfur oil on the market, which is suitable for diesel production. “Diesel is also significantly more expensive due to the fact that there is a shortage of rapeseed oil and its prices are high. It must be added to fuels as a bio-ingredient, “added Pánis. Will prices between petrol and diesel increase? For the time being, it is questionable whether the price scissors will continue to unfold. In other words, whether gasoline will be cheaper and diesel, on the contrary, will be more expensive. “We assume that this situation will continue and that the gap between diesel and gasoline prices will remain so widened,” explained analyst Jana Glasová. “It is difficult at the moment to estimate how the scissors may be split between the price of petrol and diesel. In any case, even in Slovakia we are catching up with the trend that has already taken place in Germany, where diesel prices have already surpassed petrol, ”added Burda. Hungarians will soon be crying hard, Slovaks have not yet implemented any measures The cheapest in our region can currently be refueled in Hungary, which has capped prices until 15 May. A liter of gasoline costs only 30 euros, diesel is a few cents more expensive. Although this is a very attractive measure, it is a huge problem for Hungarian pumps. Some have already gone bankrupt. In addition, analysts expect that after the end of this measure, prices will skyrocket. Refueling is still worthwhile in Poland, where gasoline is about thirty cents cheaper. Diesel is as expensive without a few cents as it is here. Our northern neighbors are also struggling to fight high prices by temporarily reducing VAT. The Czechs have also introduced certain measures, but prices are slightly higher than in Slovakia. So the fact remains that we are the last country in the V4 to take no action on record gasoline and diesel prices.