Huge shock at gas stations: Diesel is more expensive than gasoline! Bad news analyst, the worst is yet to come –

What they pointed out for a long time became a reality. After a long time, the price per liter of diesel is again more expensive than a liter of petrol. This is despite the fact that the differences in prices between diesel and petrol have been a few cents in recent weeks, and diesel car owners have been looking forward to it. Archive VIDEO Oil and gas supplies to the Slovak Republic are relatively stable, said Economy Minister Richard Sulík. While petrol prices have remained stable at around 1,705 euros per liter of mass for about two weeks now, diesel has risen literally from night to morning and almost three cents, from 1,695 euros to 1,724 euros per liter. Photo gallery (7) Source: / Maarty, Vlado Anjel According to commodity analyst Boris Tomčiak from Finlord, however, the current situation is not the first in the history of Slovakia. “In the past, there were short-term periods of higher diesel prices. But this year, the rise in diesel prices is much sharper than the rise in gasoline prices,” the analyst said. He added that the prices of petrol and diesel have been rising steadily since the end of February, while he said the price would continue to rise. As he explained, the recent rise in the price of diesel is also due to the fact that there is a greater shortage of this fuel on the European market than of petrol. Photo gallery (7) Source: / Maarty, Vlado Anjel “Russia is a major exporter of this product and at the same time some European refineries can process only heavy sulfur oil of the Russian type. so they have huge problems getting oil for their production. Wholesale diesel prices have risen much sharper in recent months compared to wholesale gasoline prices, “said Tomčiak. Photo gallery (7) Source: TASR / AP Photo / Michael Probst However, the rise in the price of diesel came at a time when the price per barrel of Brent crude oil had been slowly falling for several days to weeks. Many ask why service stations are raising commodity prices if the price of the primary source from which petrol and diesel are produced falls. According to Tomčiak, this is due to the increase in wholesale prices of products, due to the fact that demand for them exceeds supply. However, the analyst is skeptical about whether the situation will improve. According to him, it is currently not possible to predict any improvement in the situation. But it also has other bad news for people. He expects another rise in price, and soon. “In the next two weeks, there will be an increase in average prices of about 3 cents per liter,” he concluded. Photo gallery (7) Source: / Maarty, Vlado Anjel Photo gallery (7) Source: / Vlado Anjel Huge shock at gas stations: Diesel is more expensive than petrol! Bad news analyst, the worst is yet to come