OL: the club is overwhelmed by offers from investors, Aulas pushed towards the exit! – Goal! soccer club

Zapping Goal! Football Club Was OL right to use its “Ukrainian joker” on Tetê? The earthquake could become clearer in Lyon. According to a Bloomberg article published yesterday, six American and European investors have submitted offers to the Raine bank to buy the shares of Pathé and the Chinese of IDG, which respectively hold 19% and 20% of the capital of OL Groupe. . Contacted yesterday by L’Équipe, they did not comment, but OL could soon communicate to clarify their position. , should thus rub shoulders with Jean-Michel Aulas. According to RMC Sport, JMA wants to keep its stake of almost 28%. Which makes him, for the moment, the majority player in the club, via HOLNEST. The president of OL would have no desire to find himself in the minority and the discussions are therefore not certain to lead to a transaction. However, a step back would be a good way out for Aulas according to Jérôme Rothen. “I respect his commitment to football and how he has made the club grow, but we have to see that sportingly things are not going well, he said. seen in the show Rothen ignites. More than ten years without a trophy with such a budget for OL, it’s not possible! Aulas needs to take a step back and leave the club in the hands of more dynamic people with ideas, even if it’s still his baby. You need a staff, a direction and a sports plan. Each of his interventions, one has the impression that he is next to what is happening. He said he had a vision… Juninho doesn’t want to hear about it anymore. I don’t want to see Aulas wither away like that. The image it gives today is terrible. He is one of those great club presidents who did a lot for football at the time. There are no more great presidents like Aulas now, but a radical decision has to be made. “🗣💬 @Ludovic_Giuly would see the former Spurs leader to help Jean-Michel Aulas at OL: “The president has built something exceptional but he must take a step back. He must be helped by a real sportsman and , for me, the ideal would be Tony Parker.” #RMClive pic.twitter.com/7i8Qf40byN— Rothen ignites (@Rothensenflamme) April 21, 2022To summarizeAt a time when Olympique Lyonnais is experiencing the worst period of drought in a very long time in terms of results, no less than six investors Americans and Europeans have filed takeover offers! Jean-Michel Aulas is pushed towards the exit.