Surprising result of the coalition survey: Hlas-SD would win elections in April ahead of Smer-SD and SaS –

The OĽANO movement would end fourth with a gain of 8.9 percent of the vote, Progressive Slovakia would support 8.7 percent of the respondents. We family would win 6.6 percent of the vote and the KDH movement 6.5 percent. The Republic follows with a profit of 6.2 percent. Photo gallery (2) Source: Agency AKO ĽSNS outside the parliament The CIS would remain in front of the gates of the parliament with a gain of 3.9 percent, LSNS with three percent, the Alliance with 2.6 percent. The Hungarian Forum (2.1 percent), For People (two percent), Good Choice and Moderation (0.9 percent), and Civic Democracy (0.6 percent) would not get into the National Council of the Slovak Republic either. The Greens, the KSS and the ODS would vote in unanimous 0.2 percent of respondents. According to the results of the survey, Voice-SD would win 34 seats in parliament, Smer-SD 26, SaS would have 25 members. The OĽANO movement would occupy 16 seats, Progressive Slovakia 15. We are a family would have 12 seats in the parliament, KDH and Republika would have 11 members each. Data collection took place from 5 to 11 April.