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today 00:00 The father of the Slovak national team, former goalkeeper Marek Rodák Sr., was also very happy about FC Fulham’s promotion to the English elite. He watched the match with Preston on television. “Of course we watched him at home. We are watching all the duels of Fulham, “he said in an interview for our diary. Former goalkeeper MAREK RODÁK senior enjoyed his son’s performance and progress, he is already looking forward to personal participation in the home double match. Have you enjoyed the match with Preston more than ever? “I enjoy every match that Marek catches. This meeting was an important start. Marek held the team in it and Mitrovič immediately opened the score in the ninth minute. Marek caught the whole match very well. I knew it would be good in this match. ”We used to think that you enjoyed the match more, because it was actually painted after the first half and Fulham’s progress was more or less decided. “It simply came to our notice then. Although we still had the second half, we knew that Fulham was already advancing. I believed that the team would make the match to a victorious end. We also enjoyed the atmosphere after the meeting, as we watched the fight via Fulham television. So we saw how the fans ran onto the field and what the progressive celebrations and the genuine joy of the players looked like. It was nice to watch. ”Did you talk to Marek before or after the match? What is your ritual in this regard? “We don’t talk on the day of the match, I don’t disturb him anymore. I’ll let him concentrate. We’ll call the day before the meeting. After the meeting, we will get used to writing or exchanging a few words. ”What did it look like this time? “Very similar. The day before the match, I called him and alerted him to some things. I saw from Preston’s cuts that in standard situations, especially at the corners, one player walks into the goalkeeper. I warned him that he would go to him to make room in advance and comment on these illegal fights with the referee. It has already happened that in this competition the referees did not whistle clear fouls at Marek, after which goals were scored. Therefore, they must be warned in advance that something is going on there, that there is a player who does not want to take him out of peace, but immediately attacks and fouls him. To pay more attention to him. Even on Tuesday it was exactly as I told him the day before the match. Marek took care of it and managed the center balls until the penalty area. We didn’t write after the match this time. You must have been sitting somewhere, celebrating, it’s been quite a few hours, so we haven’t called. ” could they start a crisis at the most inopportune time? “Not. I watch every Fulham match and the two mentioned matches simply didn’t work out for the team. However, this is normal for football. Fulham is playing worse against the teams from the bottom of the table. ”Although Marek has a contract with Fulham until the summer of 2024, the offers were still and still are. Marek Rodák Fulham has 42 matches in the second highest English competition and for the first time he happened to lose two matches in a row. “Yes it’s true. The team avoided some major crisis. Always after the loss, they were able to start and score, which was very important. Maybe now pressure is coming on Fulham as the vision of progress approaches. In addition, it must not be forgotten that Derby fought for the rescue. So Fulham already has a procedure in his pocket. Now he wants to fight to go to the Premier League in style from first place? “It would be nice. The next one will appear in the bike hit on the pitch of the second Bournemouth. If he manages to win, he is a sure winner of the whole competition. We will see what condition the team will be in after the celebrations. I’m curious myself. ”Aren’t you going to see Marek? “I have a trip planned. Fulham is playing at home with Nottingham Forest on April 26, then at his own stadium on May 2 with Luton Town, and my wife and I will be personally looking forward to both matches. Doesn’t the fact that you could repeat the scenario two years ago, when he was also declared the best goalkeeper of the competition, but after the progress the club attracted a reinforcement and Marek sat on the bench in PL? “When Marek went into the goal for the first time in the 12th round, Fulham was in fifth place with a more significant distance to the first two places, which means a direct advance. He quickly settled in the first place and is still there. As for the Premier League, that remains to be addressed. In any case, Marek’s position is completely different now than it was two years ago, when the team advanced to the elite. The team is also different, they will definitely add to it in some positions. We’ll see how it turns out. If something happens, we will solve it. Marek definitely wants to catch in the Premier League. ”And it doesn’t have to be just in Fulham…“ It doesn’t have to… Although he has a contract with Fulham until the summer of 2024, the offers have still been and still are. And not only for hosting, but also for transfer. However, Fulham clearly told everyone that Marek was not for sale. They’re counting on him, so we’ll see. ”INCREDIBLY BALANCE! Fulham FC maintains a stable performance throughout the season. He had no major fluctuations in form or any crisis. He didn’t even care if he played indoors or outdoors. He achieved constant results with iron regularity so that the difference between home and outdoor matches in the case of the London club was almost zero! More precisely, Fulham is one goal better outside! It will probably not surprise anyone that the “cottagers” are the best not only overall, but also in the tables at home and abroad. Much more interesting is that the four laps before the end have almost the same balance, even in the score! And you just can’t see it.