OL: American and European investors ready to buy back shares – RMC Sport

While Pathé and IDG Capital have made it known that they were selling their shares in OL Groupe, several shareholders would have expressed interest in their entry into the Lyon capital. They still have to negotiate with the majority shareholder and club president Jean-Michel Aulas, who does not intend to divide his power. Investors are jostling at the gate. OL Groupe does not seem to be doing so badly, since after the announcement in March of Pathé and IDG Capital to withdraw from the capital of the Lyon club, the latter would have received at least six offers to buy back these shares, 19, 36% and 19.85% respectively, according to a person familiar with the matter quoted by ‘Bloomberg’. The American financial group reports that American and European investors have made proposals to the club. A potential majority entry unthinkable Potential buyers should discuss with the management next week, as Bloomberg advances. The potential buyer, who could combine the two shares to make an entry up to 40% in the capital, will have to rub shoulders with Jean-Michel Aulas, who wishes to keep his stake of almost 28%. Which makes him, for the moment, the club’s majority player, via HOLNEST. The OL president would have no desire to find himself in the minority, and the discussions are therefore not certain to lead to a transaction. A takeover greater than the share held by Aulas would then raise the question of the club’s management. Will the OL boss pull off the masterstroke of 1999, when Pathé entered the club’s capital without taking control? Aulas present at least until the end of 2023? Jean-Michel Aulas does not plan to leave the presidency of OL, he who would like in particular to still be in charge at the end of 2023, the date on which the Arena will be inaugurated with ASVEL. The recent sports record does not play in its favor, since the value of the title has lost twelve times its introductory price to drop from 24 to 2 euros. OL Groupe is now worth around 120 million euros on the stock market.