PSG: Mbappé’s mother denies signing for Real Madrid

Zapping World Eleven TOP 10: The most profitable transfers in history “Mbappé? He’s coming”. These words from Roberto Carlos, captured during Real Madrid’s victory against Osasuna (3-1) last night, ignited Merengue supporters, but could only be a flash in the pan. The mother of the Paris-Saint-Germain striker, Fayza Lamari, indeed reacted in person to this information on Twitter, commenting with a rather angry smiley. It therefore seems that no agreement exists between the French world champion and Real Madrid. Mbappé’s mother denies signing for Real Madrid😤— lamari fayza (@FayzaLamari) April 21, 2022To sum upFayza Lamari, Kylian Mbappé’s mother, has denied signing her son for Real Madrid. She reacted to a tweet in which Roberto Carlos confirms the arrival of the Paris-Saint-Germain striker at the Merengue.