War in Ukraine: Nine bodies of civilians, some with “signs of torture”, found in Borodianka – 20 Minutes

The bodies of nine civilians were found on Wednesday in Borodianka, near kyiv, some showing “signs of torture”, police in the Ukrainian capital announced overnight from Wednesday to Thursday. killed by the (Russian) occupiers and some of the victims show signs of torture,” local police chief Andrii Nebytov said on Facebook. Borodianka was, according to kyiv, the scene of “massacres of civilians” during the month of March, when Russian forces occupied the city. a 15-year-old girl,” Nebytov said. Before adding: “In another, the police discovered the bodies of six people: four men and two women” who “could be identified as inhabitants of the city”. Signs of executions “ The Russian soldiers knowingly killed civilians who offered no resistance to them”, he lambasted, specifying that the bodies of the victims had been “taken to morgues in the kyiv region to be appraised”. Forensic scientists and investigators also inspected both graves, according to Nebytov. “Police in the Kyiv region continue to investigate” crimes against civilians attributed by Ukraine to the Russians, he also said. Since the withdrawal of forces from Moscow three weeks ago from the region of kyiv, hundreds of bodies of civilians have been found by the Ukrainian authorities, who denounce with the West the “war crimes” of the Russian soldiers who occupied the city. An accusation formally rejected by Russia.