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today 11:12 So that’s a real goal! Jasmina Alagič showed up completely without a pinch of makeup, this is what her real face looks like. Real power! Jasmina Alagič is living her most beautiful period of life alongside her husband Rytmus and son Sanel, although she did not complain about the previous ones in her positive thoughts. Rather, in this last period, it is even more common to express gratitude for everything he has, and especially for the closest people he has around him. Read more Žilková could not remain silent! The real truth about Stropnický’s mistress: She can now walk through the canals! It is said that how a person feels inside also affects his appearance. This statement certainly applies to Jasmine, because at least in the photos, which he is used to praising his fans on the social network, he definitely always looks tip-top. After all, it’s no wonder that her court make-up artist Milan takes care of her. Read more Still true! Ivana Gottová revealed what was whispered about her daughter Charlotte. He recently confessed his admiration for Jasmine and the way he likes to describe her: “I always love her !!! , when we have somewhere to “screw up”, for example today at the wedding of our dear Gabinka, “revealed Milan, who also put on Jasmine for Gabriela Drobová’s wedding, but … Read more Bagárová Mach showed his daughter Rumia, but you notice those shots : Here’s the reason! PHOTO Jasmina on PHOTO without makeup! The real difference is that she really is ?! Read more After all! Stropnický finally admitted a new mistress, but aha, who is it, PHOTO: That’s a real goal! However, the make-up artist Milan showed on the social network not only her brilliant work, that is, what Jasmina looked like after he put her on the mentioned wedding, but she also showed a shot of Jasmina without make-up. And that’s an unbelievable difference. Jasmina looks like … See PHOTO in GALLERY! Read more Is it Nina? Oh, how Sklenařík’s daughter has grown up! And that hair, because she’s already like … Read more She doesn’t seem to! Dagmar Havlová showed PHOTO from the bed: She does not lack courage, because she is quite there … Read more What does she look like? Zagor’s husband Margita changed beyond recognition, he is a completely different man! PHOTO Read more Tereza Pergner’s children are already “big”: Oh, how a son has changed, and look at her daughter, PHOTO!