Jacques Perrin: Death of the famous actor and director at the age of 80

The great actor and director Jacques Perrin died at the age of 80, as reported by AFP this Thursday, April 21. Information that comes from the family of the man who was born in Paris on July 13, 1941 under the name of Jacques André Simonet. But it is under the surname of Jacques Perrin that this great name of French cinema was known to all. He died this Thursday in Paris. “The family has the immense sadness to inform you of the disappearance of the filmmaker Jacques Perrin, who died on Thursday April 21 in Paris. He passed away peacefully at the age of 80”, his family said, by the through one of his sons, Mathieu Simonet. Actor, director and producer, he spent his childhood in the world of theater thanks to his manager father and his actress mother. He will then acquire a taste for this universe that he will never leave. Jacques Perrin studied at the Conservatory of Dramatic Arts and took his first steps on stage in 1957. Then it was time for him to devote himself to cinema. Many performances will be remembered from him. He landed his first role in Girl with a Suitcase before multiplying appearances as in Les Demoiselles de Rochefort, an unforgettable work by Jacques Demy. He again gives the reply to Catherine Deneuve in the excellent Peau d’Âne. Some, younger people, will also have been able to appreciate him in Les Choristes, released in 2004. His last role in the cinema, in “Goliath”, released last March, echoes his environmental fights. He teams up with a formidable lobbyist from the phytosanitary industry, played by Pierre Niney. Who are his three sons? A member of the Beaux Arts since 2016, he also founded his own production company, Reggane Films, which became Galatea Films. We owe him in particular a few committed films by Costa-Gavras but also Microcosmos which won him the César for best producer in 1997. In terms of family life, Jacques Perrin, who died at the age of 80, is the father of three children: Mathieu Simonet , 47, Maxence Perrin, 27, – who starred in Les Choristes – and Lancelot Perrin, 23 – by his side in Océans. He has been married to Valentine since 1995.