The government presented help to Slovaks: Someone 100 euros, others nothing! –

The government wants to spend 260 million euros this year to help people with rising prices, next year it should be more than 1 billion euros. “As part of helping the population to fight inflation, we present both one-off and systemic measures. It is a one-off child allowance, a one-off allowance for the groups of people most at risk of inflation. We are also increasing the tax bonus, “Heger explained at the press conference. Which groups will improve and how much, see >> IN THE GALLERY << The main aid will go to families with children, as they are the most vulnerable group in the government's eyes. every family that is entitled to child allowance, including children going to university, with a total of 1.1 million children and 660,000 parents. Households in material need, surrogate parents, carers and personal assistants for people with disabilities, and seniors over the age of 62 (inclusive) who are not entitled to a pension will also receive 100-euro allowances. Contributions will be increased twice - from July this year and then from January 2023. Finance Minister Igor Matovic (OĽANO) said that
the government will help with up to 200 euros a month per child. The current monthly child allowance of EUR 25.88 is to be increased to EUR 30 from 1 July 2022 and to EUR 40 from 1 January 2023. The current tax bonus for a child under the age of six is ​​at EUR 47.14 from July this year. will rise to 70 euros this year and 100 euros from next year. “The tax bonus for a child under the age of 15, which is currently € 43.60, will increase to € 70 from July 2022 and to € 100 from 2023,” he said. The tax bonus for a child over the age of 15 at the level of 23.57 euros will reach 40 euros from 1 July and 50 euros from next year. There is no such contribution to the family today. From January 2023 it will amount to 60 euros. “Together, parents, at least one of whom will work, will be able to receive 200 euros a month for their child. A parent who does not work will receive 40 euros in cash and the child will receive 60 euros to develop their talent. For example, a mother – a single parent with a minimum wage, who has two children attending primary school, will receive an additional € 3,132 a year, “added the finance minister. companies. On the other hand, the increase should not affect value added tax (VAT) or income tax on employees or self-employed persons. This was confirmed by the Minister of Finance Igor Matovič (OĽaNO). “It will affect about 100 companies, very rich companies. An ordinary person can live in peace and when it is a family with children who have not yet finished university, he can look forward to help, “said Matovič. Poll Are you satisfied with the help presented? Yes, families with children need it the most. 7% No, the rich will get help only because they have children and others have been forgotten. 93% Thank you Your vote has been counted Read more on the next page: Sulík’s harsh words >>